So You Think Hinduism Banned Beef? Forget It! Here’s The Truth!


Say “Beef” and you could be thrown in jail!

I am yet to understand the ideologies of the people who shout from the rooftops holding the flag of HINDUISM! I am so keen to take a sneak peek in their kitchens and in their private lives, per se!

The recent beef lynching case caught my nerves and how!

We all know the story inside out! Mohammad Akhlaq a 50-year-old labourer beaten to death by a mob in his small two-storey home in the centre of Bishara village, about an hour’s drive beyond the outskirts of Delhi, India’s capital. The mob that killed him believed that Akhlaq and his family, who are Muslim, had eaten meat from a cow, an animal considered sacred by the 80% of the Indian population who follow the Hindu faith. Akhlaq and his son were dragged from their beds and beaten with bricks. The father died; the son is fighting for his life in hospital.

And it was only SUSPECTED, that they ate beef!

The hysteria over a SUSPICION of eating an animal who was already dead – killing one, half-killing another and ruining many lives to the consequence! Please for God sake (I am not bothered then, the God is Hindu or Muslim here), just spell SANITY for me!

No, it is not that the this insane murder went down well with all the Hindus. There were some who tried to raise a voice against this grotesquely inhuman behaviour.

Someone tried to protest the murder of 50 year old Muslim, that too outside BJP office in New Delhi! Yes, you are guessing right! Mass hysteria broke out, when Gaurav Jain, a student of DU and a freelance journalist heard about the incident where a man was lynched under SUSPICON of eating beef, he decided to protest in his own way. He created an event on Facebook called ‘Beefy Picnic’, where the participants were asked to bring beef and consume it in front of the BJP office on Ashoka Road.

“Of late, beef has ceased to exist as ‘just food’. It has now become an excuse to alienate and kill people; the latest being the lynching of Md Akhlaq by his own villagers… this whole episode baffles the inherent sense of justice and humanity… let’s show ‘them’ that eating beef shouldn’t spread hatred…,” he wrote.

On this, the karmath Delhi Police immediately swung into action and began to check the bags of the local daily commuters at the nearest metro station, to see if they were carrying any beef. I would like to take a moment to reiterate here, that in the Indian Constitution, it is nowhere written that carrying beef is illegal, and authorities can detain people on what they plan to EAT! Yet the police invaded the privacy and continued searching the bags till they found Gaurav Jain and a few others and detained them. We all know who owns Delhi Police!

This whole incident of a village man being lynched, students getting arrested, protesters being detained,  the red-flag autocracy and the fake shouts of SACREDNESS and LOVE FOR MOTHER COW! Call me an utter idiot, but I think we need to check our facts.

We are not a democracy any more, we are ruled by an AUTHORITARIAN GOVERNMENT. 

And this, my dear fellow Indians, you think is the doing of stringent faith in HINDUISM? No, not at all!

This is purely to quench the thirst of the BJP government. A brilliant agenda here! And how this happens? By shutting down all the small slaughter houses in the cities, and profiting from the main large ones. The statistics show that India is the largest exporter of beef in the world.

It is also alleged that most of the large slaughterhouses are owned by RSS leaders. By shutting down the smaller ones and diverting all the profits towards their own slaughter houses, they get the chunky moolah.

Do you know the catch, that the beef ban is restricted only to the sale in India, not the sale in abroad. Thus, in the process of falsification and communising the issue, they are eliminating the entire competition from the small slaughter houses. One stone two birds! A brilliant game there!

Also, these small slaughter houses are majorly owned by Dalits and Qureshis, and both are a crude competition to BJP government, which of course is not to the liking of the ruling party. And hence, the man lynching case in Bishara was not just another public outburst, it was well put-together political move, played by the “we know who” of the Indian political system! Anybody who plays cunning politics in the name of the religion, try to homogenise the target group because they know they will not get desired results with a heterogeneous one. A fallacious propaganda against Muslims and Dalits, that they are trying to harm Hindus’ “pious gau-maata”, is nothing but an attempt to build a justification for their sly political games.

  • Take over the free will to education by forcing irrational values and belief on younger brigade!
  • Promote Hinduism for their own ulterior motives!
  • Kill people in the name of religion

This is the government ruling us! I am not wary of saying that, if things keep marching ahead in this direction and like what they are, it’s not long before communal disharmony engulfs the entire country.

The one loud and clear action to prove that we are under an authoritarian government, is that they are trying to create a smoke screen. They are trying to believe that this tiny issue is our largest enemy and they are the protectors.

All this to veil their own creepy incompetence!

Before, I sign-off, I must tell you, born to a HINDU family, I am a HUMAN in all my right!

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