5 Simple Yet Striking Poses Which Will Make You Beautiful In Pictures

pose to look good

Pictures speaks thousands words. But for some it is no cakewalk to get a good picture.

Of course not everyone can pose like model but if you follow some hacks then you can definitely achieve great snap, trust us.

Follow below mentioned poses which will instantly change your boring grim pics into model like happening ones:

1. Get the right footing for picture

If you stand upright with feet straight forward then your image will appear dull and uncomfy. Follow some ideas  mentioned below.

  •  Cross your ankles

This pose will make your legs appear long and will make your upper body also casual and not stiff. If you are sitting on chair or sofa you can cross your legs and sit on the edge to right pic.

  • Foot away from each other and lean

Keep your one foot away from the other at about 90 degrees and  lean your little weight on one foot. Girls should swing their weight on back side and guys must shift their weight onto front foot.


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