This Google Spreadsheet Called “Things I Wanna Text My Ex” Lets You Text The Unspoken Words!

Google Spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet – Are you in touch with your ex?

If yes, do you chat? I know that it’s none of my business though. But, you know, just in case you feel like sending “that” emotional or an angry text to your ex, then maybe this new “Google spreadsheet” will help you out.

Yes, you read it right.

According to Refinery 29, Sean Drohan, a 24 Y.O Princeton graduate, is the one who created this Google spreadsheet called as “things I wanna text my ex”. Trust me; it’s an amazing place to share your thoughts and write down the words you always wanted to tell you ex. It doesn’t matter if it’s all about blaming him or sharing your feelings about the break-up, this spreadsheet is everything that you need or always needed.

Now, Sean Drohan revealed that he created this spreadsheet because there are certain things that he wants to tell his ex, but at the same time, he knows that he can’t talk it out or text it out directly. Sean told Refinery 29, “People enjoy anonymous opportunities to cry into the ether. There’s kind of unanswered question of to whom we say these things and why, but that’s what’s interesting.”

This spreadsheet is helping people all over the world to share their text messages, that they always wanted to text their ex.

People are penning down their hilarious and emotionally sad text messages and it’s unstoppable – Here are some texts.

  • I hope you’ve grown up and learned how to treat women with respect.
  • I loved your dog more than I ever loved you.
  • I was 18 when we started dating. You worked at Wendy’s, had no life, and lived with your dad. You were 23. You broke up with me 2 months after I lost my virginity. I fled in the state with a hope, you’d come and profess your love for me at the airport. I was wrong. It took a long time to get over you. Years have passed and I am a neonatal RN, married, and have 2 loving children. Where are you? Still working at Wendy’s and living at home with your dad. Karma man. Karma.
  • Grow up
  • Wow, I’m so much better off without you.
  • I’m keeping that shirt.
  • I wish other girls were able to see through your bullshit so they don’t have to go through what I did.
  • There is no bitterness. But there is no sweetness either.
  • I’m so happy I finally had the guts to delete your number and the chat history.

You know what, I’m gonna leave a text too. I won’t tell you about it, and you shouldn’t tell me too. So, what are you waiting for? Here’s the Google Spreadsheet titled “Things i wanna text my ex“.

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