Luxury At Its Best! Most Extravagant Tech & Auto Possessions of Billionaires!

When the super rich buy their ‘˜toys,’ it doesn’t suggest their intention for investment; rather it satiates their thirst for enjoyment.

Billionaires have their own ways to shell out their hard-earned or probably easily inherited money!

Most of them blow their riches on unique and insanely awesome ‘toys,’ as they call it in their world.

For the common man, these objects are exorbitant gadgets and automobiles which one can only dream of!

Nevertheless, let’s have an insight of some of the gadgets & vehicles used by billionaires.

Private Jet                                                                

Well, one really needs to belong to the Ambani clan to own one of these magnificent aircrafts! The Boeing Business Jet 2, also known as BBJ2, exudes 21st century technology, and runs 6616 miles at a whopping speed of Mach 0.82. Powered by two GE CFM56-7 engines, this aircraft is a master-piece and carries a price of 73 million dollars.


A billionaire doesn’t do justice to his title unless he commissions his personal, humungous, extravagantly priced super-yacht! Remember how the nation used to go gaga over the parties organized by the Mallyas on their king-sized Indian Empress mega-yacht! This 95 meters long and one of the world’s largest private yacht, is the one which Vijay Mallya purchased from a Sheikh in 2006 for a whopping 93 million dollars. However, if one wishes to charter a yacht, there is steel baron Mittal’s Amevi, which pampers its guests with a heated swimming pool, gym, salon, massage room, cinema, private jaccuzi, and of course, best-in-class suites.


The most expensive car to run on the Indian streets is the Ashton Martin One 77 which gets the wallet tingling by offering a jaw-dropping price of INR 20 crores! The next one to follow is the Bugatti Veyron which touts itself as the world’s fastest production car with blazing speed of 431 km/hr and 1001 horsepower. One can become a proud owner of this wild beast by paying a hefty amount of INR 12 crores! The elite class also seems to have a fetish for SUV. The most expensive SUV is the Audi Q3S, followed by BMW X1 Facelift, Honda CRV, and Renault Duster.

3D Television Set

The Panasonic 3D Plasma Panel, the world’s largest in its segment, amazes and stupefies everyone with its 6 feet height, stunning 4096 x 2160 pixel resolution, and an unparalleled visual experience. Available at a mind-boggling 4 crores, one also needs to have a super-large home to place this pricey possession!

The superrich can splurge on a myriad of objects, the list of which is endless. So if you ever have the power of those magical 10 figures in your bank account, what would you like to spend it on?

Think about it and let us know about your dream machine!

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