10 Notable Inventions By Indian Villagers Will Make You Proud And Happy!


Many villages and remote areas in India do not have sufficient facilities and we have to accept this rude fact.

By sitting in AC living rooms and by having everything at mere fingertips, we cannot imagine the level of atrocities villagers face. In some hamlets, people still don’t know what electricity is and in many places, one has to travel around 2-3 Km just to get a pot of water.

As the saying goes- Necessity is the mother of invention; many villagers not only overcame these difficulties but also invented products which have changed many lives.Yes, the brighter side of rural India is that it is a hotbed for several innovations.

Today we have compiled some of the best and unique inventions by Indian villagers that prove how ordinary people are capable enough for extra ordinary things.

  1. Mitticool- Eco friendly Refrigerator.

Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a potter from a small village of Rajkot, Gujarat, was soon shot to fame with his exemplary innovation of an eco-friendly refrigerator. This revolutionary refrigerator is made of clay and naturally cools food items. Mitti cool is available across major online e-commerce sites as well.


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