This is The Rarest Type Of Blood – Only 40 People On Earth Have This!

Rhnull blood type

Rhnull blood type  – When we speak of blood groups what comes to our mind is A, B, AB, or O but wait there are many other types of blood groups present.

As blood cells surface is coated with antigens, nearly 342 of them. Any person’s blood group is determined by checking these antigens. Nearly 160 out of 342 blood group antigens are present. Blood group becomes rare if there is lack of antigen.

So, here is a blood group which is rarest of the rare yes its often known as Golden Blood and chemical name is Rhnull, Rhnull blood type .

This is so rare that only 40-44 people in the world have this blood and there are only 9 donors of this blood group. Now this is definitely rarest of rare this lacks all 61 antigens.

In the year 1947, a 10 years old boy went to get an infection checked. To doctors surprise his blood group didn’t fit into 35 recognized blood groups. He had no Rh antigen in blood; technically according to doctors he shouldn’t have been alive all this while. This shocked the doctors and the boy was sent to Paris for further blood tests then it was confirmed Thomas had Rhnull blood type.

Rhnull blood type

Rhnull blood type is a universal donor group for everyone who has rare blood group. It definitely has life saving capability. You are blessed if you have it, as this has power to save lives. But wait if anything happens to people with this blood group they can be in extreme danger as this blood is not available easily and mixing can prove to be lethal. Thomas flies from one country to other to donate his blood despite of strict laws, and he isn’t paid for that he does out of his will and out of his own expenses. Isn’t that an example that humanity is still alive?

People with this blood group are normal like us can have children and lead a healthy life but they are mildly anemic. However there life is different they need to be very careful like in case of Thomas who doesn’t travel to countries which doesn’t have modern medical facilities. He always carries his blood card which confirms he has Rhnull. Moreover, to avoid injuries and accidents he drives carefully.

So, that’s about the most sought after blood group. Doctors handle this Rhnull blood type carefully and use it only in rare and extreme cases for oblivious reasons!

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