Five reasons why AAP is no different from Congress, BJP

AAP’s manifesto is no different from that of Congress and BJP.

The Aam Aadmi Party seemed to do everything just right till it released its manifesto. The manifesto, released yesterday, gave a peek into the thought process of the party.

The debutant AAP in its 50-page ‘Sankalp Patra’ made all the bijli-pani promises which we cannot deny are not important. But besides its old corruption trumpet, the party promised slashing of power bills by half which was a bit hard to digest.

Apart from that, the party moved on the same lines as its rivals Congress and BJP. It really challenges the voters to decide whom to vote for as they all now look the same. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Electricity bills: The BJP has promised people of continuous electricity and slashed electricity bills after audits. The same features in AAP’s manifesto, although BJP has not made high claims like it f slashing them by half.
  2. Hawker’s zone: Congress and BJP both have promised to help hawkers by providing them special place for their work. AAP to has made similar promise.
  3. Community politics: In a bid to woo Sikh community, AAP gave an assurance that it will provide justice to the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims. In addition to several sops, AAP said it will end fake encounters and false cases against Muslim youths. BJP has made the promise to get justice for Sikh riot victims while Congress speaks of giving protection to Muslim youth.
  4. Jan Lokpal: AAP promises to bring in the Jan Lokpal, or an anti-corruption ombudsman, within 15 days by calling an open session of Delhi Assembly on December 29. Both BJP and Congress promise to remove corruption, though they do not give a time frame.
  5. Unified command for governance of Delhi: All the three parties have promised to get a unified command for governance of Delhi to take decisions and issue directions on all matters including land, municipal governance and police (barring matters relating to security of union government and diplomatic core).

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