Five reasons Rahul should be banned from public speaking

The honourable Supreme Court wondered if it could stop people from making provocative or derogatory speeches.

Whenever Rahul Gandhi has opened his mouth, something political incorrect has come out of it. In a country where the common man wants to listen about the development works that his leader will do or just wants to stick to a hope of a better future, the Congress scion has been serving emotional stories.

Earlier in the day, the honourable Supreme Court wondered if it could stop people from making provocative or derogatory speeches, pointing out that there were laws to deal with people making inflammatory speeches.

“How can we stop people from making derogatory speeches? How can it be enforced?” asked a bench of Justice B.S.Chauhan and Justice S.A. Bobde while hearing a petition seeking guidelines to curb elected representatives, political and religious leaders from delivering hate speeches in pursuance of their narrow political goals.

Keeping that and Rahul Gandhi’s new “fiery” speech in mind, here is why we think Rahul should be banned from making public speeches.

  1. He rolls his sleeves more than he rolls words out of his mouth.
  2. He indulgences the audience in personal details talking about mother’s illness, grandmother’s assassination and father’s relationship with him wasting public’s valuable time. Nobody wants to listen to his family chit-chat. People are more interested in what is in store for them.
  3. He does not talk about the real issues and choses rather to put baseless allegations on his opponents.
  4. He leaves his audience confused with his incoherent comparisons. Sometimes it is about beehive, other times it is about Jupiter’s escape velocity.
  5. He exuberates arrogance and does not care about the consequences that his speech may whirl. Insulting Prime Minister of India while he was away from the country and saying that Muzaffarnagar riot victims want to migrate to Pakistan was one of them.

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