6 Chilling Images And Facts On Child Labor Will Break Your Heart


If you are thinking that exploitation of children for financial gain is a thing of past then you are wrong.

The grim reality is that over 215 million children across the globe are still bound in the shackles of child labor.

Even though there is a law (Child Labour Prohibition and Regulation Act) in place to curb the problem, still large numbers of children are forced to work.  Several kids work at road side stalls, some are told to carry heavy bricks, some are operating hazardous machines in factories etc.

Let us have a look at some alarming facts and figures which reveal facts of the vexing issue.

  1. It pains to see this horrendous statistic.

According to statistics, over 12 million child workers are there in India and NGOs suggest that actual figure is around 60 million.


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