Is Your Boyfriend Pushing You For SEX?


It started off with casual dating.

You felt that you had finally found your dream man.

But then suddenly, you realise that his sole intention is to get you into bed.

Did it happen earlier than predicted? Is it coz he is the ultimate Adonis on the college campus?

You almost want to succumb to his subtle hints of ‘how much I love you babes’. But then you fathom all the tricks he’s playing to con you into giving in…and landing on his bed.

Here’s the list of tricks guys resort to get their girl to have sex with them.


My earlier non-committal boyfriends tried the same stunt. The last one made it very clear after two casual dates that he sought sexual compatibility to get to know me better. When I quizzed if all the girls he had earlier dated had slept with him, he replied in the affirmative. Probing deeper, I asked him. ‘What went wrong?’

All I got was a condescending reply, “She wasn’t good in bed”. Wow, so do you think it is worth being the next item number to impress this guy with your sexual prowess. No ways. Walking out of the relationship was a major kick to my second boyfriend’s inflated ego.


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