20 Epic Comebacks To Shut The Mouth Of Everyone Like A Born Genius!

Epic Comebacks

Epic Comebacks – Everywhere around the world you will find jerks who tell you do this, do that, why this how, blah blah blah, who just will judge you, advice you annoy you, so for all those people who annoy you bother you we listed out smart comebacks.

Epic comebacks which will shut mouth of everyone and you will sound as born genius so here you go:

Epic Comebacks –

  1. I already know a jerk kindly don’t prove it again and again!
  2. One day you will go very far may be hell and yes please don’t come back from there!
  3. Be yourself doesn’t apply to you bad idea you are already an a** hole so if anyone told you be yourself worst advice they gave you!
  4. I really envy people who have not met you!
  5. You should check Ebay and see if they sell a brain or a life atleast!
  6. I wonder what you would do with brain if only you had one!
  7. Thanks but no thanks I don’t need an expert opinion so f*** off!
  8. Kindly excuse me for being personal but I never thought you could be this dumb all time low.
  9. For a change can you act intelligent at least I know it’s hard but please!
  10. Earth is already full with jerks may be you should just try luck in hell!
  11. You might die of constipation coz you are so full of s**t
  12. Wish there was an anti stupidity vaccine you need it badly!
  13. I am amazed at your level of stupidity please shut up!
  14. You are such a weirdo are you by chance from alien world!
  15. Can you please fu**off you’re such a creep.
  16. Seems you’re born on highway as most of the accidents happen there.
  17. I wish there was a mute button to your mouth.
  18. Ohh baby go buy yourself a brain, some intelligence and some manners too. You need it!
  19. You deserve a high-five on face do you want one? If not f**k off!
  20. You trigger the wolf in me and if you don’t vanish right away I might eat you!

These are epic comebacks – Give back properly to anyone who annoys you, insults you, bothers you, or tries to act smart. Show them you are a genius and you don’t require shitty advices!

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