The U-turn Mania: Kejriwal Succeeds In Teaching The Art

Arvind kejriwal succeeds in teaching the art to his followers, Rajesh Garg made a fine U-turn on his statement from his open letter.

It is certainly a good news for the leader when he succeeds in teaching what all he has to his followers. And yesterday was a fine example of that.

The master of U-turns, the king of the confused, the pharaoh of the dissenting lot, the controversy churner, the over-enthusiastic and perhaps self loathing Arvind Kejriwal saw the zen of his leadership when AAP leader Rajesh Garg made a fine U-turn on his statement.

The Rohini MLA had criticised Kejriwal on social media site Facebook just a day ago. On Sunday, Garg had written a scathing open letter to Kejriwal asking him to stop promoting “rich and corrupt” people in the party and reconsider his stance on fresh elections.

Garg’s letter to Kejriwal, which was uploaded on his Facebook page, said, “You should accept the truth and stop promoting the rich and corrupt within the party. You should try and understand the pain and the suffering of the ordinary worker of the party, who has actually forsaken everything to rid this country of corruption… When you keep asking for the Assembly to be dissolved, have you ever thought of what happens to the people, party workers and elected representatives of different parties?”

“If we had shown courage on February 14, 2014 (the date of the party resigning from government) then we would have been serving the people of Delhi as currently nothing is possible because there is no government. Whoever forms the government does not matter. We had come to serve the people and not to form government,” his post had further mentioned.

He had said the AAP must look towards resolving “the debt of 1,000 crore instead of being obstinate about fresh elections”. “Can we not do good work while sitting in the Opposition? We must also look at one more thing, that if elections happen again and no party gets a clear majority then what will we say to the people,” Garg’s post read.

The letter had mentioned the obvious that Kejriwal was lying through his teeth when he said that he had the welfare of people of Delhi at the core of his heart and that he and his party supports democracy within the party.

The dissenting voices just do not stop in this party which has a blind following in most part of the country. Well at least it is evident in Delhi.

But the finest moment came when Garg reportedly became ‘not reachable’ on Monday and late on Tuesday he took a U-turn from his open letter.

“There is no where in the post any kind of indication that I have attacked Kejriwal. I keep moving around among the people and I have said what people say. There is no criticism in it,” he told reporters.

“There are certain areas in Delhi where AAP has no MLA. BJP and Congress supporters are taking the opportunity and posting Kejriwal’s pictures in those constituencies. Our party volunteers in Mehrauli brought this to my notice and said this was demoralising them. So I told him not to encourage such people in the party,” he further added.

Garg said that it (the post) was a mistake and that he should have “consulted the party first” before doing it.

Well, the party is Kejriwal and Kejriwal is the party. And we don’t need to say anything else. Do we?

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