Here’s How You Can Clean Your Yoga Mat into New

Clean yoga mat

Clean yoga mat – If you are addicted to Yoga and devoted to keeping fit and healthy, exercising is as important as breathing for you.

While Yoga can be performed at home it only requires a customized mat with unflinching dedication. However, the mat tends to absorb the sweat that Yoga induces and becomes smelly after a few days. People, who are equally concerned about hygiene as much as they are concerned about their fitness, clean the mat with periodic intervals.

But is that enough? However devotedly you clean the mat it doesn’t become as pristine as new and here are some remedies you can clean yoga mat and actually turn into a newer looking one.

Read on below:

You will need one measuring cup, a glass of water, white vinegar, aroma therapy oil, a spray bottle and you are ready to go.

Process: Take the measuring cup and pour 250 ml of water in it. Add 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and a few drops of aroma oil in it. Stir it very well and pour into a spray bottle. Spray all over the mat and leave it be for some time so that it acquires the aroma from the oil and vinegar staves off the sweat smells. Wipe it with dry cloth all over the area, preferably with a soft towel. Let it dry for some time, fold the mat and keep it in a clean place. The best way to fold your mat is to fold it into half and then roll it which will add to its life expectancy.

This is how you can Clean yoga mat – This super easy DIY Yoga mat cleaning therapy is very useful for women who like to keep it hygienic. So, make this awesome potion and transform your Yoga mat to a newer looking one. All the best ladies!


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