Things You Understand If You Are Dating A Photographer

Dating A Photographer

Dating A Photographer!

Photographers are highly creative and imaginative people who love their work as much as they love the people around them.

Yes, you are bound to receive a lot of creative gifts and special treatment when you date a photographer, but my friend, everything comes at a price.

Well, dating such creative people is not an easy task. After all, their mind works more than their heart and if you are dating a photographer, you will understand what I am talking about.

On that note, let’s have a look at some of those things that only people dating a photographer can understand:

  1. Selfies are a big No

Oh come on, you never ask a photographer to take a selfie. Therefore, either you two have solo pictures or his another photographer friend must have taken a snap of you two.

  1. Your Instagram is always under surveillance

You just cannot post low quality pictures on Instagram because you are dating a photographer. This means, you need to maintain some picture standards and honey, you are screwed.

  1. He just can’t handle someone else taking your picture

“That’s such a poor frame”, “It is making you look weird”, “that’s not the right angle” and so many other comments are always ready when you show him a picture of yours that somebody else clicked.

  1. He makes you feel beautiful

He is one of those guys who love to appreciate beauty and that’s the reason he never shies away from giving you compliments and making you feel beautiful. Sometimes, it is through his pictures and not just words.

  1. You are not allowed to touch his camera

It’s a CRIME. You can do anything in this world like any freaking thing, but don’t touch his camera without his permission. He loves it more than anything in this world and doesn’t matter how much you love each-other, it is going to be this way only.


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