You Will Be Surprised To Know What The Indian PM Receives As His Paycheck

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi listed as one of the most modestly paid political leaders in the world.

There was a Modi wave that swept the whole of India this election, and then there were a number of expectations from the newly formed government and a number of responsibilities to be fulfilled. The nation demanded a change.

While the newly formed government is facing a tough task at hand, taking a look at the salaries of leaders of developed and other developing nations across the world will definitely make you wonder about your PM’s paycheck. Paycheck India, a website run by a faculty member from IIM Ahmedabad, listed down the salaries of some of the most influential leaders of the world.

According to the website the Indian Prime Minister receives Rs 19.2 lakh annually (Rs. 1.6 lakh per month). This makes him one of the most modestly paid political leaders in the world. Out of fifteen highest paid leaders of the world, PM Narendra Modi has been listed at number twelve. Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev tops the list with a whopping salary of Rs 1.6 crores per month followed by US President Barack Obama who earns Rs 19 lakh per month.

What will surprise you further is that the Indian President’s salary stands next to the Indian Prime Minister’s salary in the list at Rs 18 lakh annually.

An RTI query set in 2013 regarding the Indian PM’s salary, concluded that the PM receives perks like personal staff, special jet, government residence, and many more apart from the given salary. However, when looked upon the number of working days in each of the leaders’ schedule, it is only the Indian PM who works seven days a week.

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