What Is Creative Liberty? To Paint The Gods Having Sex With Each Other?


Creativity is subjective!

Putting this in simple words means that what is funny for me, could be boring for you. What is sad for me could be quite funny for you! What is interesting for me, could be hurtful for you!

That’s saying, creativity has its own limitations in terms of saying or depicting the ideas one has. In our own mind, we have absolute freedom to think or imagine anything. The craziest of ideas or thoughts can take birth in our minds, but the problem arises when some of us cross the lines and put those ideas into action, for the world to witness.

Religion, not only in India, but globally is a very sensitive subject. No one, mark it, just no one has any rights or liberties to play with others’ faith or religion just for the sake of proving a point or showcase his/her creativity by downplaying someone’s revered Gods and Goddesses.

This is exactly what is happening these days when some artists are forgetting their responsibilities towards the society and are being insensitive towards the feelings of the common man.

Few days back there was a disgusting painting doing the rounds of internet showing Lord Ganesha, Jesus Christ, Moses, Buddha, all part of a sex orgy! The sick mentality of the artist was on full display to disregard the religious sentiments of disciples, just for a laugh! How sick is it?


The latest to add on this brigade is artist Akram Husaain. His recent painting in Guwahati depicting Lord Krishna getting intimate with bikini clad gopis in a bar created a lot of controversy and rightly so! It’s not about painter’s religion, but what he is trying to do. Lord Krishna has devout disciples not only in India, but the world over. Their religious sentiments have to be considered before trying to make their idol look like an average mortal doing acts of sin!

As a disciple, one places God on the highest possible pedestal of morality and sees HIM as the ultimate practitioner of ethics, as a light to guide during turbulent times, as the ultimate one to finally melt into. To paint that GOD as someone who is no different than others is actually playing with faith!

When everything is lost, a man turns to the ultimate power called God. However, if one realises that whom he considered as God can’t rescue him or is incapable of rescuing him, all hope will be lost! This is not just about a painting; one has to understand the repercussions that these have on ordinary mortals who may not be as intelligent and evolved as the artist considers himself to be!

Akram isn’t the only one though. Before him the Picasso of India, M. F. Hussain also experimented with nude portraits of Goddesses and had to eventually live in exile till he passed away.


There are a host of issues plaguing the world today, which have to be brought into light, which have to be spoken about so that humanity evolves. Issues like wars, terrorism, child malnutrition, sex-trade, etc are humungous enough to deal with rather than adding fuel to the fire by these irresponsible paintings!

It would be better for painters to use their craft to unite rather than divide by playing with emotions of common man! Don’t use the craft for some cheap publicity, but use the talent that God has bestowed on you for the betterment of society!

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