Love Diaries: The First Date

He was already 35 minutes late. I was fuming but had to calm down after all it was my first date. I have to admit I was freaking nervous. It was getting worst with every passing minute…

He was already 35 minutes late. I was fuming but had to calm down after all it was my first date. I have to admit I was freaking nervous. It was getting worst with every passing minute. For few moments, I even thought Sneha must have played a prank on me. I was also sure that she wouldn’t for the very reason that she always wanted to see me date someone in my life. I had seen this guy, Sid at Sneha’s wedding. There was something about him.

Usually, I am not the one who would notice a guy with so much attention but he was charming. We exchanged smiles couple of time during the wedding night and nothing else really happened after that. Sneha caught me eyeing at him. She mentioned that Sid was her cousin from Bangalore. She spoke to him after couple of weeks and figured that he was going to settle down in Mumbai for the good. She told him about me and insisted we should meet.

In her words, it was just a causal date. I had already read the silly cafe chronicle over and again. I was annoyed to the core. I was also worried because I didn’t want anyone to spot me alone with a guy in a cafe. There were too many things going in my head. My phone buzzed. It was him. “Hey, honey I am so sorry. I badly got stuck in the traffic I should be there in exactly 15 minutes.” His husky voice made me fall flat at the very first go. Did he just call me honey? So cheesy! That was my reaction to that.

I still kept my hopes high and waited for him. I was too sleepy by then. I was about to close my eyes when someone grabbed the chair and sat in front of me, “Hello, Meera. I am so so so sorry about this delay.” What an idiot! He didn’t give me a call when he was around. My hair was in mess and my gloss had almost dried up. I tried to put up a fake smile and said, “Hey, it’s okay. Good to see you again.” Grr! I started being a little honest at the very beginning. “Really?” He had a naughty smile. I couldn’t look into his eyes.

It was too deep to dive in. I asked about how he liked the city, work, home and then I ran out of topics. He got a hint that I was nervous. He went on asking about things I like, about my writing projects, my taste for music. I was puzzled with the fact that he had already done his homework and I was stuck with nothing to talk about.

I was trying not to make much eye contact, I was too conscious about everything I spoke. He, too realised things were getting weird. I abruptly said, “Hey, listen I think I should make a move.” He was taken back, “Hey, you okay?” I smiled and he understood what I had to convey. We walked out of the cafe and suddenly it started drizzling. I felt as if I was blessed. The first shower of Bombay rains was here. My love for rains made me forget that I just ruined my first date. I suddenly noticed he was looking at me.

He then asked, “Can I walk you home?” It came as a surprise to me.

With no second thought I nodded my head and we started walking. The cool breeze blew my hair and I loved every bit of this walk. He was silently observing me. I went ahead to break that silence and started talking to him. We walked for 15 minutes giggling and talking aloud. I loved the water splash. The chill in the air and most importantly I was in love with his smile. I was impressed with fact he didn’t give up on me. I reached home and it was time for him to leave.

I wanted him to call me Meera one more time…

“MEERA! MEERA! Come here, right now…” I almost dropped my pen down. I went to the balcony and I could see Sid enjoying the first shower of Bombay rains like the very first time.

He pulled me towards him and gave me peck on my lips. I could now look confidently look into his deep eyes and get drenched in love by all means. After all he is mine. And, I no longer get worried about what the neighbours have to say about our open romance ;).

Love Diaries is a weekly column on Youngisthan that features short fictional stories.

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