How To Make Your #DomesticHolidays Paisa Vasool!

Travel in India on budget – when you backpack or travel as a student, it is very important that keep an eye on the finances and manage things in budget.


India is one of the great places to travel and backpack around. It offers you numerous places to explore and travel with a varied diversity of cultures right from north to south and east to west.

When you backpack or travel as a student, it is very important that you keep an eye on the finances and manage things in budget. The less you spend on living and food, more are the places that you can add to your sojourn. In terms of budget travel, India is one of the cheapest countries to travel, along with many number of places.

While you are travelling in the country, there are many tips through which you can save and have an amazing trip without having a loose pocket!

Save on food

India is one of the countries where you can fill your stomach in just 50 bucks with some of the delicious Indian dishes. Therefore, there is a possibility that you can save pretty much money on food. The best thing is to gorge on some simple restaurants and roadside dhabas that will give you great flavours of Indian food without splurging much.



Manage the stay

At times staying at a place can come out to be as a big problem. These days there are many organisations that are helping the tourists with their stay with the budget keeping in mind. Couch Surfing, Air Bnb, Youth Hostels, Zostels are some of the places where you can have a comfortable stay in a reasonable rates. Isn’t that sounding great?



Going the generic way

When you like to experience the real India, it is important that you opt for a generic style where you travel to places, which are economical. Like there are places in India that have very high rates as their entry. Therefore, rather than opting for such places you can go to places which are less known and some good natural landscapes.



Street shopping

If you are shopaholic and cannot help yourself from controlling but ending up shopping, street shopping or shopping from the locales is a good option. Rather than splurging in a big or branded store , some street or local shops will serve your purpose.



‘Eco’friendly travel

When you travel along different cities of India, it will be good if you opt for a public transport or some other cheap transport like a cycle rickshaw etc. Opting for trains and buses for the inter-city travelling will also be a boon. This not only helps save your money but also saves the environment by using a public transport.


So, hope these few travel tips are a boon to your travel, which in turn can be a memorable too. Its all about being desi and footloose when you travel all around India and you will have the best experiences! 

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