Congress is the biggest communal force Mr Prime Minister

One day the party coins “terrorism has no religion” and next day we have people like Digvijay Singh and Shakeel Ahmed who turn the theory upside down.

While the rupee is going down and we are standing on nation wide agitations on many a things, our dear Prime Minister tried to put some sense in the mind of innocent janata yesterday. He used the very apt ceremonial podium of Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award warning in a low tone that the “communal forces” should not be allowed to divide our country.

He said, and we quote, “India is a vast modern nation. Along with several religions, it has several languages and sects. Many times, this diversity is exploited to create a divide among us…”

Errr…Mr Prime Minister, perhaps you should stop there. The text should have been changed before the speech was delivered. The recent act of divisive policies put to use for poliical and electoral gains was very much a retarded idea of your very own UPA government. Thanks to you, the whole Gorkhaland, Seemandhra, Uttar Pradesh and Vidarbha is burning.

The next he said, “A few days back, there was a communal violence in the country. From what we should take lessons that there should never be laxity in the efforts to stop communal forces….”

Well, let me ask you Mr Prime Minister, where were you and your dear Congress party when there were riots in Ahmedabad in 1969, or in Bhiwandi Jalgaon riots in 1970, or during Tellichary riots of 1971? Why wasn’t any effort made to stop this violence pragmatically? As it was said by police officer of repute, Dr V N Rai, no violence  can go on unless the administration and political forces want it that way. In fact, your partymen keep fanning the communal rift to gain the attention of the minorities and thus, gain votes.

Not to mention, the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi when so many Congress workers were involved at many levels. And the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi whose birth anniversary you used as an occassion to show your secular face, he only told us that ‘when a big tree falls, the earth shakes’.

Recently, your honourable party member, Shri Shakeel Ahmedji tweeted that Indian Mujahideen is nothing but an outcome of the Gujarat riots. Wait, he did not stop at this, he further said that IM men are virtuous people, men of honour, who were forced to take up arms post riots.

Let’s not stop here. Do you remember bomb blasts in front of Karnataka BJP office? It was Shri Shakeel Ahmedji who tried to equate the dastardly act with a deliberate action to gain votes.

Mr Prime Minister, I have two questions. First, do you think Shakeel Ahmedji is endorsing IM ideology? Second, how do you find such opportunistic people who fan communal hatred by giving communal colour to almost anything?

But let’s not blame Ahmedji alone. His party, as aptly said by Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, has always tried to hide under the “burqa of secularism”. The very own existence of Congress for last 60 odd years has been based on dividing the nation on various grounds, paramount along the lines of language, sect, religion, caste and creed. The party has never wanted to actualise communal harmony in the nation. A peaceful society would haper their disruptive and appeasing policies, through which they want that fear factor to remain inculcated within the minority community. A fear of vulnerability within minority is the votebank for Congress.

One day the party coins “terrorism has no religion” and next day we have people like Digvijay Singh and Shakeel Ahmed who turn the theory upside down.

We know that you point towards BJP and its allies, especially Modi, when you say “communal forces”. BJP, BHP, RSS, Jan Sangh may or may not be communal, but Congress is proven opportunistically communal. And this is a far more dangerous trait than being communal.

So Mr Prime Minister, Congress is the biggest communal force in India. Hope you keep your party in check.

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