15 People Share The Most Shocking Thing Someone CONFESSED On Their Deathbed!

Confessions On Deathbed

Confessions On Deathbed – Recently, a Reddit user asked “what is the most shocking thing someone confessed while on the deathbed?” – The answers given by other Reddit users will really surprise you.

Here are the confessions on deathbed that you should read –

  1. My dad was adopted from a woman who went to my grandparent’s church and got pregnant out of wedlock. My grandpa confessed on his deathbed that he had actually had an affair with that woman and he was my dad’s real father, which was why he suggested adopting him in the first place.
  2. I used to work in an assisted living home and on his deathbed a resident apologized profusely for molesting his daughter’s son just minutes before he took his last breath.
  3. My grandpa told my dad he loved him for the first time when he was dying from cancer. Grandpa was a drunk all throughout my dad’s childhood and had a strained relationship with the family. So this was pretty surprising to hear from him.
  4. It was a few months before she died, my grandmother told me she peed on her mother in laws grave, said “son of a bitch deserved it!”. She was a little nutty, and I have a deep streak of her madness flowing through my veins.
  5. My grandpa told my grandma at his deathbed that he hadn’t loved her for almost 30 years, and he was close to divorcing her many times, but could never go through with it. (That hurts!!)
  6. Everyone in my family knew that my older aunt was adopted, but my grandma always refused to tell her who her parents were. So a little time before my grandma died, she confessed to my mother (who is not related by blood to my aunt) that she never knew who my aunt’s mother was, but she was sure that my grandpa was her father. It broke my aunt’s heart to know so late who her father was, because my grandpa died like 13 years before my grandma.
  7. My grandpa (completely doped up) on his death bed told me that I was lucky “because if it wasn’t for him and my grandma my mom would have aborted me“.
  8. My grandma told my dad that his dad probably isn’t really his dad, and she didn’t know who was. Has fucked him up for years.
  9. My granddads ex-wife’s (they had a kid) new husband admitted to murdering my granddads sister and hiding her body behind a fireplace.
  10. A doctor told me that a someone’s last words to him were “I killed a man
  11. Grandmother let the family know that grandpa was a womanizer and had several illegitimate children.

Shocked everyone.

  1. Not my experience but a friend’s. “Your sister is your mother.” Turns out it was true and he was a product of abuse. His real father is his grandfather who abused his daughter.
  2. “I need to tell someone where to dig to find her.”
  3. Had a patient once who had been severely burned. Thinking she was going to die (she did) she confessed to us that it was her boyfriend that did it before going unconscious. She hadn’t told the police this. He lit her on fire with lighter fluid then left.
  4. The last thing my aunt said to me while dying was, “I had a mutt baby with a nigger when I was 16. Your great grandmother made me put him up for adoption and I never forgave her. Hey may have been a half-nigger, but he was my half-nigger.

Confessions On Deathbed – Are there any confessions that you would like to add on this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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