If Someone Asks You To Use Fairness Cream Rip Them With These Answers

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Dark skin is considered a taboo in India and Indians are obsessed with the fairer skin in a way that from advertisements to relatives everyone endorses fairness cream as if it’s a blessing in disguise.

Every dark skin beauty would have gone through comments and advises on how to brighten her skin using the fairness cream. But no, you must embrace your skin as it is, because, in the end, it’s inner beauty you should look for. So, next time anyone suggests fairness cream, rip them with these answers!

1. When someone gives beauty tips on fairness

Answer: Hey, at least I have a dark skin which is much better than your dark personality.

2. When someone says drinking tea can darken your skin

Answer: Oh really? I don’t see it as a problem, Im proud of myself at least I don’t have a dark heart like you!

When someone sympathizes with your skin color

Answer: Oh don’t you worry, that’s the beauty of my skin color, by the way dark colored models are more in demand!

4. When someone says take care of your skin use fairness cream

Answer:  You use your brain seriously your personality will get better.

5. How come your family is fairer but you are dark

Answer: Just like you look so stupid while your rest of the family is so intelligent!

6. Who will marry you?

Answer: Oh, I didn’t hear you, actually I never asked for your opinion. By the way world doesn’t go by your standards of beauty!

7. You shouldn’t wear darker colors, you look darker

Answer: How are you so dumb I don’t understand. Anyway, I can pull off anything more stylish than you can, are you jealous of that?

8. You are as dark as a dark chocolate

Answer: Ha, ha. Sure just that I am as bitter as the dark chocolate.

9. You have great features, just that you were fairer you could become a model

Answer: Yes I am a complete package, US modeling agency is waiting to sign with me, just that I am busy handling people like you!

10. Are you dark because you travel much?

Answer: Actually I am dark so that my skin can protect me from dark soul people like you.

If you have dark skin, Love your skin, you are unique in your own way and never let anyone belittle you just for your color of tour skin.

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