Story Of These Children Born In A Brothel Will Break Your Heart

Children Born In A Brothel

We Indians have a misconception about the children born in a brothel.

What we become ignorant of is the fact that all those children didn’t have a choice to be brought up there and if they had, I don’t think they would have preferred being born there too. Their mothers were forced in to prostitution out there by the society and when some of the so called dignified people like you visited their mothers to the brothel, they were born as a result.

Have you ever thought what children born in a brothel go through?

No, they are not sex-workers, they just live there as they are out of options.

All the children who are born in brothels have as many dreams as us and they also want to lead a normal life where they go to schools every day, play with their friends and be treated with as much respect as others do.

Those children too want their mothers to be happy and away from the kind of mess that the brothel is.

I am sure, even they wonder at certain nights about what life would be like if they were born somewhere else and not in a brothel. Not that they don’t want to get out of there, but they wish that people accept them with so much amount that they don’t feel alienated when they try to live a normal life like everyone else. They are as normal as we are and they need to be treated with more empathy.

If you are not aware of their life, the story of these children born in a brothel will break your heart.

It was a documentary made on India’s largest red light area, i.e in Calcutta. It’s pretty long but every moment is worth.

Children Born In A Brothel

Just wonder what life is like for them and think if you can bring a change in their life by accepting them like normal people.

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