Why Are Pakistani Dramas Better Than Indian Serials?


We cannot deny the fact that Pakistani Dramas came into our lives as a refreshing change.

None of us are anymore interested in those Saas Bahu serials full of hamming. But what made us fall instantly in love with these Pakistani dramas? Here are a few reasons:

Real Characters

The characters in these dramas are real, unlike Indian serials. Every character is a mix of shades which make them more interesting. There are rarely any characters that either cry the whole day or try to become the ‘hero’ or ‘heroine’ of the show. Not even the lead actors are larger than life. Remember Mere Qatil, Mere Dildar? Yes, the lead was abused, but then if it would have been an Indian serial, the actress would have tried to keep the TRPs high with more tears, whereas the lead in this Pakistani Serial chooses Revenge. This is what makes them stand out.


They have a proper plot. The story never goes haywire. Throughout the journey, the story sticks to its plot. A proper start and a perfect end is what make these better serials than our Saas Bahu dramas.

Limited Number of Episodes

Nothing in excess is good. But our serials would never understand that. When a promo of a particular serial comes on a channel which has been running since ages, majority of Indians ask, ‘Is this serial still on?’ I do not understand on what basis these serials run? Because if there never ending episodes would have truly been popular, then Zindagi Gulzar Hai would not have been appreciated for its just 26 number of episodes.

Actors Can Act

Ahhh! That’s such a relief. Camera just doesn’t pan up and down and then right and left on the same expressionless faces a dozen of times. Actors in Pakistani dramas act. And they take their work damn seriously. There was a time when actor in Indian entertainers too could act. Take Dekh Bhai Dekh for instance. What natural acting. The class of our serials too was different before these never ending heroine-vamp stories took over.

100 Serials, 100 Stories

If they come up with 100 serials, they will have without any doubt come up with 100 different stories unlike our programs where 300 serials run on 1 storyline. Pakistan through serials tells their viewers a story, a different story with every new program. This is why they never bore us.

Zindagi has not only taken us back to the good television days by giving us programs worth watching, but also thinned the line between two countries by convincing us that we are no different.

I wonder when Indian Television will once again give us quality programs like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Dekh Bhai Dekh and Fauji.

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