10 Challenges Every Newly Wed Girl Faces With So Called ‘In-Laws’.

newly wedded girl

Newly wedded girl – It is always challenging for a girl to all of a sudden move to her in-law’s place and comply with the rules of that family.

Sadly, most of the in-laws are hard nuts to crack. But there just be nothing much that could actually be done to this.   This is just because when you are married into a typical Indian family, you end up realizing the challenges that newly wedded girl is going to face.

Here are set of such challenges that the newly wed girl faces with their ‘In-laws’.

Newly wedded girl – 

1 – Waking up early!

When at my parent’s place, I used to wake up only at my wish. And here, I am to wake up early and sometimes too early than my mother-in-law wakes up ☹

2 – The boring one -cooking responsibility.

I would wonder why we woman got to cook. Why can’t men at home cook? I feel this is not my cup of tea. But, no other go  

3 – Careful with the voice, you got to be while sex.

Nothing, in this world could ever be this disgusting. Pity myself for having my mouth shut while having some fun on bed. 

4 – Neatly dressed all the time.

Which, mean’s I can never jump into the so comfortable pajamas suits. That feels so suffocating in saree with a part of it on my head. 

5 – Adopting the family’s traditions.

Seem’s like the family has a set of all strange and weird customs and traditions.

6 – Plan for children

The saddest part being, my in-laws interfere with the decision of me and my husband for our plan to have a child.

7 – Take proper care of every member of the family.
Hmm, sometimes I feel am a new care taker for the family, more than a ‘Bahu’. 

8 – Relatives! Now this is the second part of the movie
These drop in every time, caring very little about the time. 

9 – Follow them blindly.
Like, I feel of which century these people really belong to. Accept change. Wonder if they are not bored with the same old way of life.

10 – Private space with husband. A big ‘NO’.
This could be a dream, when you are a bahu for a big fat Indian family.

So, these are few challenges that a newly wedded girl faces with her in-laws. Pity, those little girl

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