7 Foods You Should Never Ever Refrigerate But You Do


Refrigerator is indeed a great innovation!

Thanks to refrigerator many food stuffs stay fresh, bacteria free. But it is not necessary that you have to stash in every food item inside this machine.

Of course, it helps to keep away damaging microbes which spoils the food but there are some foods that can survive without refrigerator.

Below are some food items that you should not store them in refrigerator :

1…. Honey

Honey will soon crystallize if you keep them in fridge. Ideally it should be kept in room temperature but away from sunlight so that they stay gooey.


2…Peanut butter

Many of us get temptations to freeze peanut butters as soon as we get them from store but there’s absolutely no need!Peanut Butter can stay out in in a cool cupboard.


3…  Apples

Apples and even tomatoes lose their juicy nice flavor and texture and become soft if we store them in fridge.  The best place to store them is your counter. if you want to have them cool and crisp then keep them in fridge for few minutes.


4.. Coffee

Many of us feel coffee has to be in fridge but it should not as water condensation due to humidity in fridge, brings down the flavour your coffee. So don’t stuff bottles of coffee instead go for small sachets and keep them in cabinets or keep them in air tight containers so that you ca enjoy the natural oil’s flavors.


5… Herbs

There’s a wrong notion that  fresh herbs stay fresh in plastic bags or containers and should be kept in fridge. The best way is to  place them in a water-filled container on your kitchen counter so that you can use them real fresh.


6… Bread

Keep the bread that you want to eat out on kitchen station and rest in fridge as chills have negative effect on them and makes them dry easily.


7… Sauces and Jam

Hot sauces can survive for three years without any refrigeration as there’s plenty of vinegar and preservatives to stop any microbes or bacteria.


Do you know more foods that one should not cool them in refrigerator? Then let us know in the comments below.

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