Canada Has A Sikh Defense Minister! Will Indians Rule The World Now?


Indians are in demand now!

Not that we were out of demand ever going by the mass migration to various countries, in fact every country of the world in past 100 or more years!

The difference is that earlier we were only required to do labour intensive jobs, which is still the major employment sector for Indians the world over and now Indian citizens are being given jobs of substance, power and authority! This means that we are in a position where we can actually change the way the world functions and are able to contribute to the society in a manner befitting our varied talents and skill sets!

After being CEO’s of some of the biggest companies in the world, being part of UN in a big manner, another gem to add on to our success stories abroad is the appointment of four Indian-origin Canadians as ministers in the newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet!

These are 42 years old Harjit Sajjan as the defence minister, 38 yr old Navdeep Bains as minister for innovation, science and economic development, Amarjeet Sodhi as minister for infrastructure and Bardish Chagger as Minister of small business and tourism!

Can you just imagine the importance of it? An Indian as the defence minister of a country consisting majorly of white people! This has nothing to do with the colour of skin, but the thought that he has been able to work his way up and gain that kind of trust and confidence in him from the electorate that they feel he is right guy to guard their borders!

This has everything to do with the right mindset that one can achieve anything, anywhere in the world, only if you have the will power and are ready to adapt to situations and make them work to your advantage! Indians are now heading big organisations, are being part of American government’s administration, just made it big in Canadian government and are making their worth felt the world over in various other positions. This might not mean that very soon we will have Indian-origin country heads in every country, but it surely means that our distinctive skill sets and talents are recognized globally. We are no longer just a commercial market, but are taken seriously for what our real worth is!

It’s no time to sit on our laurels, but to work double hard to make our and our fellow human beings’ life a lot easier and contribute in a productive manner to the society we are part of. This is surely India’s century and let nothing, not even our arrogance, ignorance or stupidities, stop us from making a mark!

Jai Ho!

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