A Giant Hole Has Unleashed in Antarctica and Scientists are Striving to Find out Why

Black hole

Black hole – A Giant Black Hole has emerged in Antarctica which surpassed North America’s Lake Superior in its size bemusing the scientists.

Antarctic region is inundated by areas of open water called polynyas. This black hole is being touted as a polynya too which resides deep inside the ice pack. There are still aspects yet to be understood about the entire happening as the atmospheric physicist Kent Moore from the University of Toronto told Motherboard. The more bewildering fact is, the Polynya in the Antarctic is so deep that it doesn’t meet the human eye, only satellite could spot it.

Get more detailed insights here about the Black hole that opened up in Antarctic region:

The Polynia has occupied a vast area measuring 80,000 square kilometres. A likely Polynya rose into prominence back in 1970’s. Scientists, however didn’t possess the requisite tools to delve deeper into the research however and eventually the massive hole disappeared for the next 40 years and opened up again in last year for a couple of weeks. It took place on September 9th leaving the scientists in a tizzy how to figure things out.

Now with the advancement of science, the research could be taken to the higher degree. The scientists too are more equipped in respect to the time back then and they are studying the Polynya head on for scooping out more details. They are hopeful that the natural cooling and convection currents that are developing with keep it open for longer days than expected, that is to say a few more weeks. However, it is too early to comment that climate change have triggered its emergence but scientists are already psyched that it will shed some more light on the reasons of Global Warming.

Notwithstanding the previous inconsistencies in researches, we are really rooting for some path breaking scientific explorations from the new Giant Black hole.

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