Are Girls The Real Cause Of Religious Riots? What The Hell?


Communal riots based on different religious ideologies have been prevalent in our country for many decades now.

Religious Riots is also one issue being exploited by politicians and various other religious groups for their vested interests. However, to turn a sexual harassment issue, which is a ghastly act, into an even more horrifyingly scary communal riots issue can only be an act of extremely twisted and sick minds.

This is exactly what happened in 2013 when in Kaval, two brothers allegedly killed an accused that was charged with molesting their sister.

This triggered a series of events that eventually resulted in mass violence taking the shape of communal riots and killing as many as 60 people while displacing more than 50,000 out of their homes!

Keeping this is mind to avoid anything of this nature from happening in future, a district magistrate in western Uttar Pradesh has recently ordered for bringing to shame such anti-social elements who indulge in eve-teasing women. According to reports, police has been ordered to create ‘Majnu Pinjaras’ or Romeo Cages for public shaming of such culprits.

This may or may not be legal, but if we keep legality aside for a moment, this sounds like a good idea for lechers to mind their own business and think a hundred times before trying to rob a girl of her dignity. It doesn’t matter what part of the world one is living in, the bottom line to be considered is that nobody has a right to consider women as objects for sexual gratification. It is also absolutely a crime to eve-tease or cross the line with any girl without her consent. And in case one lives in an area popularly known for such incidents, which can be manipulated easily to give a communal colour, people should be extra cautious! If they are not, administration has to put its foot down and come up with innovative and harsh steps to teach these goons a lesson.

Having plain-clothed policemen and women around girls’ schools and colleges to catch hold of such lecherous men is a good start and if somehow these ‘Majnu Pinjaras’ are allowed and become a success, it would go a long way in bringing some law and order in the society. This will definitely prove to be a detriment for men to stay within limits and have a hold over their libido!

Girls are not there to be used at one’s will, but political and religious groups won’t leave any opportunity to pursue their agenda of divide and rule in a country of illiterates and a growing tribe of educated illiterates! Also, the police force has to be sensitised enough to file and pursue such sexual harassment cases to bring the culprits to justice so that things don’t go out of hand with various groups trying to fish in troubled waters.

The nation already has enough troubles, let’s not twist and turn one problem into making it another monster that goes out of control!

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