Answering Those Who Think Beating The Doctors Is The Only Option!


Yesterday 3 resident doctors at KEM were beaten by relatives of died patient who was suffering from DSS ( dengue shock syndrome ).

I don’t mark my protest against this incidence, but I  strongly appreciate the nature of relatives.

The reason behind the incidence was Dengue, which is due to mosquito, which is due to improper sanitation, garbage, storage water sources for long time, improper fogging of insecticide against mosquitoes, and number of factors.

Another reason was unavailability of ICCU bed for the child, which is due to lack of vision by previous as well as current government, Corporation and all  other concerned authority, who failed to increase the number of beds in the hospital and specially ICCU beds. They also failed to define the epidemiology of dengue and provide all the necessary measure before occurring any such case, which should be provided by them.

But now the real question comes – did relatives do the right thing?

If yes then did they miss any one?

If yes then whom?

Other doctors or class 4 workers or nursing staff?

YES, they definitely missed other persons concerned with the situation of that child. They missed other doctors who were also trying to deal with the patients in any ward of KEM, in spite of their heavy work hours, sleepless nights, empty stomach, and many other problems.

YES, they missed CM of the state who is responsible for all the infrastructure level deficiency in government sectors of that state.

YES, they missed the health minister of the state who is responsible for health related problems/issues of the state.
YES, they missed the minister of health education who controls DMER and who failed to provide proper work hours schedule to the resident doctors, which may be due to lack of proper no. of PG seats, due to lack of teaching faculty, due to lack of infrastructure facility, etc etc etc

YES, they missed the commissioner of municipality, mayor of the city, ward member of the residing area for the patient, MLA, MP and all other local level authority who couldn’t control the epidemic of dengue by various reasons to control it already available, also local politicians could not force the authority to carry out such exercises in the area.

And YES, they missed the neighbors or family members who let the mosquito breed in their home or vicinity.
They missed all other persons related with the occurrence of dengue to the child but got the last persons involved with the situation, the resident doctors who were actually trying for damage control. So, though I appreciate the step of the relatives, I am not happy with what they missed to do. I will be happy to listen that before beating those hungry, tired doctors, relatives had beaten all other authority and persons responsible for the situation, which may include CM, ministers, MLA, MP, mayor, etc etc etc.

There is lot more to write, but i think all will be waste if people don’t understand their own responsibility in controlling mosquitoes and thereby dengue, other such mosquito born diseases.

Dr. Mukunda Bargade
( I strongly condemn the incidence, only for the sake of writing, I put “appreciate”, “happy”, etc.)

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