All About Hydrogen Water And Does It Really Work?

Hydrogen Water

Well, do not get thrown off the rack by the name. You must be wondering why call it “Hydrogen” water when water itself has two components of hydrogen in it already…. well, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, M.D. tells us that this water is the next big thing in the wellness and fitness sector.

Let’s see what he has got to say.

Hydrogen Water

According to Perricone, hydrogen water is no different than normal water. The only difference lies in the fact that in hydrogen water, more components are added in the normal water through various methods. Water is always considered the most beneficial element in remaining physically fit at all times.

With more hydrogen in it, physical as well as dermatological advantages have come into being.

It has been reported that hydrogen water has been in use in Japan for a long time now and all the reports have been highly positive. Dr. Perricone has also stated that having more hydrogen in normal water acts as a firewall against the inflammatory objects in our body. Hydrogen has an anti-inflammatory effect, thereby cleansing the liver, stomach, kidneys and the entire digestive system of toxic inflammatory objects.

Apart from the anti-inflammatory quality, hydrogen also acts as an antioxidant, thereby turning of starch easily into fat and keeping our body and skin healthy. Dr. Perricone opines that the extra hydrogen in the water turns our body cell into an “antioxidant factory”.

Drinking hydrogen water has its own benefits like, giving us more energy, slowing down our aging process and also strengthens our immune system. Hydrogen water gives you s much energy that you can go for a second work-out session on the same day.

Some people have even claimed that hydrogen water has an alkalizing effect on our body, meaning that it gives us more energy, keeps our cognition and thinking ability clear and slows the aging process. Though there isn’t enough back-up theories present, tests have found several positive results of the hydrogen water. Many dermatologists and fitness experts and encouraging people to ditch their energy drinks and opt for hydrogen water instead!

Are you game for some hydrogen water-induces workout session? Go for it then. I am sure you will not be betrayed!

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