10 Amazing, Yet Bizarre Washrooms Around The World!

bizarre washrooms

Bizarre washrooms – What could be the most favourite part of a house?! Mmm, probably the living room, bedroom, and for me kitchen.

By they are some who extremely love their washrooms so much that they spend any whooping sum to get it designed in the most bizarre way possible.

They say it to be their favourite place, as it helps them relieve some stress and also lets one to stay alone for sometime. They get them designed so well that it has a spacious area to move about, steam bath panel space, a large bathing tub.

That is not all! There is much more than that.

Some get them designed so beautifully and some do it with some really strange unusualthemes. Now, you might be wondering themes for washroom *surprised* Don’t be.

Here are some really bizarre washrooms across the globe. Check them out.

bizarre washrooms

  1. Ski Jump Bathroom

I know you wonder what could this be.! Sky jumping being the popular winter sport, a Japanese ski resort themed the washroom like that of real snowy mountains that gives the real feel of just sliding down on the snow from a really great height. This is more than cool for the sky jump lover and of course unusual one too.

bizarre washrooms

  1. Collapsing rubics cube bathroom

We all are familiar with the rubics cube and there was an artist that painted the floor of the washroom like the one rubics cube we all love playing. That is not all. He made it in a way that it gives a feel that the person is going to get trapped into that collapsing rubics cube. The painting and the do is to real that any person who looks towards the floor freaks out in fear of falling and getting trapped.

Haha this could be a best way to prank your friends, really!

bizarre washrooms

  1. Varsity theatre restroom

And now this could be just like stepping into a world of fantasy. The washroom has carefully laid up brick, some texts and many others that make the look stunning. It has a live theatre for music alone. Adding to this, one can order drink from the co-ed lounge. Haha! Washroom and drink, this is just so weird.

bizarre washrooms

  1. The golden bathroom, Hong Kong, Japan

This could really happen when you are super rich. You would love to have a golden bathroom that is of 24 carat gold. The washroom have the people in with plastic cover over their shoes, so that those shoes doesn’t spoil gold on the floor.

  1. Sanisettes

This super cool- magic washroom 😉 seem to have some magic for itself. Lol! A person enters into only on pressing a button that lets him in, he pees and leaves the washroom by another press of the button-the doors get opened and as soon as her leaves, the washroom washes and cleans for itself making super ready for the next person.

  1. Kumutoto toilet

This could be one astonishing washrooms out there! We have seen the washrooms and their decors inside, but the real interesting part of this washroom could be the outer look that resembles the remains of some sea creature.

  1. Chocolate bathroom

What chocolate bathroom! Ewww. The makers came up with this idea for chocolate bathroom, as there could be nothing than chocolate that is loved by all. So they made everything in the washroom with chocolate – including the bath tub, bidet, toilet basin and many more. Now if you are hungry, don’t plan to eat the chocolate up just nine million calories =D

bizarre washrooms

  1. TARDIS bathroom

This really small and cool bathroom welcomes one with blue door and there is an sensor light set up above this box washroom, which automatically sets on when someone is in. Haha! Power saving and cool.

  1. Alien pod toilets

This washroom appears like that of the alien space ship and has little egg shaped pods that have the automated light set up above those pods.

  1. Underwater toilet

The Mumin Papa café in Akashi, has toilet with a beautiful underwater theme. It has water behind the wall with fishes and some sea turtles. It could be just like going inside a aquarium. It took about $250,000 to get this washroom made.

bizarre washrooms

So these are some amazing and bizarre washrooms around the world. They were just amazing and some really weird too. Isn’t it!!

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