Ten Alternate Words For SEXY Which Are Much Better And Sound Ohh So Stylish !

Alternate words for sexy

Alternate words for sexy – Now-a-days, the word ‘sexy’ has become a commonly used and heard word – that almost everyone out there started using.

And what happens when the same word is used again and again, simply you get bored of using that word for complimenting someone or admiring something. Not just you, but also the person to who you give that compliment gets bored of hearing it again and again.

So, here we got some Alternate words for sexy and make that special person feel good about you complimenting them with the use of different words.

Check them out Alternate words for sexy here.

Alternate words for sexy –

  1. Captivating

Got captivated with the sight of someone or something?! Then ‘captivating’ sounds right than the word ‘sexy’. Depict’s that you couldn’t take your eyes off that person or beautiful sight.

  1. Stimulating

A classier way, in which you can let the person know that you got interested in them and that too by simply avoiding the word ‘sexy’. They will find it sweet and catchy to hear it too.

  1. Ravishing

If someone delights you so much that you would love to lose yourself in them, then the right word is ‘ravishing’. The word conveys better that you are in love with every bit of them.

  1. Statuesque

When you see someone to be a moving example for perfection or perfectly carved, then you got to use this word ‘statuesque’. So, instead of describing hot, tall, sexy and so on – you can finish it up with the word statuesque.

  1. Bewitching

Lucky, are you if you get a sight of a beauty that takes up your breath. Then don’t simply say ‘you are sexy’ – instead use ‘your beauty is bewitching’. And you get to see them feeling unique and shying away 😉

  1. Desirable

It would be just simple and boring to say sexy. So, the next time you get to see someone that is so desirable; show them they are unique from the rest of the flock with all the desirable qualities.

  1. Lascivious

When someone can be more than sexier, tell them they are ‘lascivious’. This is the naughtiest way that you get to tell them how much you are into them.

  1. Foxy

Foxy sounds much better than ‘sexy’ and conveys how you feel for that person.

  1. Sensuous

When someone out there is super arousing, leave no stone unturned by using the word ‘sensuous’ and ‘sensual’. This coveys how sexier you see them and the great way to compliment too.

  1. Appealing

Fascinated with just a sight of someone that look so sexually, then ‘appealing’ is the right word and shows how you look them to be an eye candy.

These are Alternate words for sexy – Because the word sexy does not always sounds great. And so, instead use these words and make them feel special and happy. Let them all know that the word ‘sexy’ is just not about the physical thing with the help of these magical words.

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