Adulteration Of Mind: Youth Problems

Youth Problems

Youth problems  –  The human brain is no less than an ocean when comes to define its depth.

So deep that every time you dive in, you catch a new fish. But it is inescapable to unheed the remodelling of brain while discussing about its adulteration, majorly takes place at teenage.

Adolescence is remarked as a channel between two doors of human life cycle, the phase when a child is prepared for his/her adulthood. It wouldn’t be justified if adolescence is considered as an age rather than an age group, for the rate of hormonal changes that takes place inside a human body vary according to different environmental as well as psychological factors.

Being a channel between two crucial stages, puberty involves myriads of changes and their adaptations for a long run. It would be cumbersome for some to accept them initially, while for others it’s just a phase to pass. Depending upon one’s lifestyle and the people they encircle, majorly effects their growth and development.

How, let’s read about youth problems :

Youth problems – 

Dear Peer: 

You are the average of people; you eat, sleep and live with. Ironically for most of them, doesn’t counts family as by living one should not only physically but mentally and emotionally dedicate their hours with them.

In your early life, by which I truck to teenage, you spend majority of hours with your peers. Be it school, tuitions/coaching, or even home (virtually through social media), you live with them and adapt their lifestyle and habits. What about the Peer Pressure? Even if they insist you to do queer or absurd stunts, you would do it, either with smile or with tears.

Wake up! A friend in need is a friend indeed, not the one that makes you weep.

Excessive and Addiction: 

You love shopping? You do it, every time you receive a ping of sale. You find it cool, blowing out smoke from your mouth, just the way other fancy boys do it, in those trending videos. Clubbing all night, weekends booked for friends you know a week before, NO to family. “Drugs…? Who said it a drug, it’s organic!” They aren’t your perceptions but it’s you blindly walking on the path, on which your fellow does.

Excess of anything not only leads to its addiction but also wire your brain to cringe and becomes meek when devoid of it.

Youth Problems

Starting with fun: 

Everything you begin with, as a source of recreation and fun, may unconsciously derail you from your own track. Be it your first alcohol experience, hitting drugs and other addictive substances, pranking people on calls or socially via fake accounts or even bullying just because you’re senior or friends with them.

You may not know, but all these may directly or indirectly make you use to it and eventually you find pleasure doing it. Remember, you’re not this, for some fun you began with and now you’re doing it round the clock.

Youth Problems

What’s wrong about Porn? 

Cases of watching excessive porn have revealed the circumstances turning a man into beast. By beast, it means the aggressive twirl into one’s personality which leads to big time disappointments in their sexual life. Their partners not only complain about their addiction of watching porn but also their raised expectations, visualising the virtual and comparing resulted into their wrecked relationships. You need to realise that porn is scripted!

This also affects the release of dopamine into the reward pathway of brain, thus proves out to be lethal as any addictive substance. This leads to the wider options such as paid sex, online sexting with unknowns, and other alternatives.

Youth Problems

What’s in trend?

The urge to be on top and to gather attention on social media, youngsters tends to follow the trend like a sheep in the flock.

Recent example includes the heinous Blue Whale game, uploading nuisance for likes- absurd attracts more, levelling down to gain followers, mad after starred people and thus losing your identity while following them to that extend.

Youth Problems

These are Youth problems – All the above mentioned, deteriorates your brain and fuzz your easy to be lead life, like a coil wrapped over a solenoid. This happens when you’re young and stay alive even when adulthood knocks your door. You become so use to it that the very idea of leading a simple life seems be an ideal situation of chemistry, which never happens.

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