These Facebook Messenger Android Updates Will Make Photo and Video Sharing Easy

Facebook users can now use its updated messenger app that enables easy photo and video sharing.

There is always something new happening for Facebook. The social networking giant is known for regularly updating or adding features to its desktop or mobile version. Just to make networking or online socializing fun and easy, Facebook brings new and interesting updates for its users. This time the update is for Facebook Messenger app for Android. 

Know how users benefit from this update

How can users benefit from the latest update by Facebook? Well, every time there is an update for the Facebook app, the social networking giant tries to make life easy for its users. Like in this case, the Messenger app has been updated for faster and smoother photo sharing, video sharing and sticker shortcuts. Now you can share your favorite snap or video clip with just a tap on your screen. It has never been simpler. 

Update available for both iOS and Android

It was not long ago (just a month back to be precise) when Facebook updated its Messenger app to version 4.0; now, the latest update is literally a huge jump (to 5.0) from its previous version. But if you expect that with this latest update, Facebook has tweaked the visual elements of the app, then you are wrong. But what it has done is bring the app in-line with its iOS platform, which already received the update a day before. Now, both iOS and Android users can use the app to quickly share their sweet moments with their networks. 

Photo and video sharing was never so easy

Sharing and playing video clips have been made easy, thanks to the updated version 5.0. Video and photo sharing works just fine; and now you can also share or send videos directly from your gallery app to your Facebook Messenger, and then play them within the application (if, and only if, you are an user of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean or its upgraded version). 

The entire idea behind the update, which helps in instant photo sharing, is to help you share the photo with just a single tap. Yes, you can now take a photo and instantly share it on your timeline without any hassle. 

The sticker shortcut is meant to help you get stickers (that are sent to you) that you don’t have. Now, stickers are a huge hit among users. They use it for fun. Now with this update, users can have the stickers they don’t have. And the process is really very simple: just tap and hold for few seconds to download the entire pack. 

Besides, Facebook has also updated its search features making it faster, smoother, and better than before. Searching for friends, restaurants, movies, TV shows, songs, etc. on Graph Search is now a lot faster. 

The updated Facebook Messenger app is available for download for all Android users on Google Play Store. Just download/update the app on your mobile or tablet and let us know exactly how you felt.

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