Rahul’s new class: Is it really going to deliver?

Rahul Gandhi has started a monthly assessment programme for AICC members.

Keen on teaching the rouge AICC members methodical ways, party vice president Rahul Gandhi is trying to do whatever he can. Last month he took social media classes, then formulated a five page form to check their acumen about their constituency and their understanding of crime and criminal work. Now he is said to have started a monthly assessment programme for them to check their progress.

As reported in the media, the AICC secretaries will give point wise details of the results and outcomes achieved in their role and the processes used to achieve the same. They will also have to mention the states and the areas including the number of District Congress Committees (DCCs) and Block Congress Committees (BCCs) assigned to them.

The secretaries will have to specify the number of DCCs where regular meetings of DCCs and BCCs have been held. They will also have to provide the count and percentage of DCCs and BCCs for that. On September 14, the secretaries were asked to furnish all the details by September 20.

Rahul’s persistence in transforming the AICC gives it an uncanny resemblance to the working of an MBA institution. Given the kind of statement his party people deliver, it is quite necessary to remind them their business.

Maybe by all these changes which Rahul is trying to incorporate, the quality of his speech will also change as the members who help him prepare his speech will get more educated by this.

Interestingly, the idea of starting such thing came to Rahul when he received complaints of ignorance to the performance of other party members by those who are in government. This shows the level of unawareness by those “other” party members. They must have mistaken the cold smirk of those in the government as cold shoulder because whatever happens in the government comes out of the mouth of party high command.

The “others” need to understand that those in the government are party loyals whose performance have been equally bad as theirs.

Hopefully Rahul’s new methods will be able to give them an insight and at some point will appreciate their work. Else why do you think Jyotiraditya Scindhiya, Naveen Jindal, Jitin Prasad, Sachin Pilots and likes move behind Rahul himself?

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