Control of Anger is a Sign of Patience and Intelligence 

control of anger

Anger can be described as an emotion that plays a great role in human behavior. It is considered a major cause of different severe damages. Most of the crimes take place due to the sudden anger when a person has no control. But when a person learns to take control of anger, he is a master of his emotions. Stress, ignorance, stubbornness in all day life often leads to an increase of anger which slowly runs out of control.

Those who have control are some of the most intelligent people with lots of patience to bear the problems and obstacles. Harder or tough the situation may be when handled with intelligence and patience over time can enable the individual to improve and progress independently.

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Understand the importance of emotional intelligence

Patience and intelligence are the main keys of Emotional intelligence, with these characters one can easily understand the situation. No hesitation is observed if the EQ level guides works, without being too much in anxiety. Anxiousness in extreme condition can hit the thinking power and lead to delay in any of the decision making ability. So, never encourage anxiety, though no one gets rid of it but can control it as an emotion.

There are certain conditions when the situation is unacceptable but you cannot resist. It is natural to be angry and stressed, but it is necessary to control so that you can help yourself to find out a better solution.

A calm and peaceful mind will always help in making wiser decisions, instead of losing calories and increasing Blood pressure over anger.

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Few ways to control the anger are:

Let it go!

So, it is of no use to show off your power out of anger when your power will be of no help in sorting out any issues. It becomes important to let the matter go, instead of murmuring for hours on a matter. An intelligent person will never waste time and health that are not solvable at all. He will simply leave until he can find out a way to solve it but if he can’t accept it and let it go!…

Try to divert

One of the best and common ways to reduce or control your anger is to try and divert the mind. Continous reminding of the annoying situations and conditions will not help, as you cannot win everything with power. So, give up to the tendency of exposing the power, and dominance to increase anxiety or bring in mind harmful negative thoughts. Rather spend time with family and friends to party!….

Breathe and stay quiet

Being short temper is highly harmful so in such cases instead of losing the mind, simply keep quiet and breathe. Nothing can be much helpful than taking a deep breath as an intelligent person, as this will bring your flaming mind to be steady. Increase the patience, and have some time to avoid any mistake to repeat each time.

So, it is a regular practice, no one can avoid controlling emotions but with the proper presence of mind, one can manage the situations running in the wrong way.

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