These 10 Pick Us Lines Are So Raunchy That He Will Be On His Knees!

Raunchy pick up lines

Raunchy pick up lines – Girls let admit it even we crave for intimate things and being with him every time.

Not just Ouch to Ah…., we want to have his attention for lifetime.

It’s high time and even we shouldn’t be shy to confess our feelings and in order to give it a shot,  try these following mantras, some of the quirky things that even you could try out with your guy. These will make him go mad and he will also crave for you!

Raunchy pick up lines

  1. You have got that thing, let’s share it together: – Appreciating his inner capabilities and dedicated mind set is a perfect way to charge him up. Exploring it up will be a different fun altogether.
  2. I know a game that’s call dirty:-  This statement of yours will do half of the work and same time will amp up his mood. You could try it all! Spice up your intimacy with different naughty dice games, blindfolded ones, strip tease and many more.
  3. My V friend needs lick therapy:- If you are ready for some kinky S** and giving shot on trying something naughty then this line would be an direct intimation of your devil thoughts.
  4. Nice pant would you mind if I check zip?- Loud and clear message is perfect to spice that game up.
  5. My V needs good relaxation, need bare body therapist:- With this statement of yours be ready to get some good sexy pressured massage.
  6. Will you be my on to do list tonight?:- A Sexy statement will make him close to you forever.
  7. My pussy needs some wet formula, do you have some? – Little tricks are important to give you wholesome goodness of fun.
  8. Are you hard core digger, let’s try it out tonight!:- During sex too nothing is as important as impression and performance for guys, this raunchy line is sure shot way to expect a long play.
  9. Your underwear looks good on my floor: – Umm that could be kind of thing that only confident women can say!
  10. My private parts need a friend, can you lend one? –  This could be one of the best shot!

These are the raunchy pick up lines  –  Even guys love little bit of appreciation and naughty surprise that could cherished for lifetime.

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