Modi and Misunderstanding: Was he really mocking the seer?

Media and critics of Narendra Modi take a special interest in misinterpreting his messages.

Media and critics of Narendra Modi take a special interest in misinterpreting his messages.

Two days ago at a public gathering in Chennai, Modi took a dig at Congress referring to its inabilities to bring back black money stashed away in Swiss banks. He related the issue to an excavation being run by Archaeological Survey of India which reportedly was approved after a seer dreamt of tons of gold underneath a temple in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh.

“The whole world is laughing at us over this bizarre exercise. Somebody dreamt and the government has launched an excavation…The money hidden by thieves and looters of India in foreign banks is much more than 1000 tonnes of gold. If you (government) bring back that money, you won’t have to do digging for gold (in Unnao),” Modi had said.

What he meant by relating the two was very clear and simple: Rather than treasure hunting, bring black money back.

Rather than looking at the statement as his consistent Congress slamming policy, the media and Modi’s critique (who are possibly close to Congress and want to divert country’s attention from real issues), presented it as a mockery of the seer by Modi.

When Modi praised seer Shobhan Sarkar, based on whose dream the ASI is carrying out excavation in Unnao district, it was seen as a U-turn from his statement.

“Sant Shobhan Sarkar ke prati anek varsho se lakho logo ki shraddha judi hui hai. Main unki tapasya aur tyag ko pranam karta hu (lakhs of people have reposed faith in seer Shobhan Sarkar over last many years. I salute his austerity and renunciation),” Modi said in a tweet.

Stressing on the need of getting back black money stashed away abroad, Modi demanded that the Centre should come out with a white paper on it.

“Bharat sarkar se agrah karta hu ki woh videsho mein jama kale dhan ke sambandh main ek white paper prastut kar desh ki janta ko ashwast kare (I urge the Indian government to come out with white paper on black money deposited in other countries and assure the people of the nation),” Modi said in the second tweet.

Media calls it Modi’s reconciliatory tone, which reportedly came as a result of a reported letter written by followers of Sarkar castigating him on his remarks criticising government’s action of digging a temple fort premises in Unnao district of UP based on the seer’s dreams.

One thing which should be noted is that Modi repeated in his tweets what he had said in Chennai. He showed his courteousness towards Sarkar again because he had meant no malign against the seer.

But the misunderstanding which was created in the media had to be replied as it had made the seer write an open letter to BJP’s prime ministerial candidate.

Misunderstandings in Modi’s life keep coming due to the loyalty that media shows towards him by fanning every small action of his. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the seer will react to Modi’s reply.

The letter

Written by the Sadhu’s disciple Omji, the letter has created a huge uproar within the party and outside. It said:
“Respected Narendra bhai, while welcoming you to the soil of Kanpur, I want to say with all humility that you have violated the dignity of a saint in your hurry to attack the central govt and Shrimati Sonia Gandhi.
Satya Sankalp Sant Shri Swami Sobhan Sarkar has seen the dream of making India the world’s most powerful nation. To fulfil this dream, Swamiji had taken a vow to provide India with gold reserves more than the combined gold reserves of UK and USA.
That’s why he sent letters to the central govt, state govt and the district administration requesting that a place in Daundia Kheda be surveyed by GSI. If proved by GSI, then excavations be started and the gold be deposited in the treasury of central govt.
Here they are talking of only 1,000 tonnes of gold, Shobhan Sarkarji has vowed to provide 21,000 tonnes of gold to the government. Our request to a powerful leader like you is, please do not waste time in unnecessary tirades and come with the government officials and representatives of all parties in Parliamnt and the media (particularly D…C…) to meet Shri Swami Sobhan Sarkar ji and see if your request is not fulfilled. If the nation’s aspirations are not fulfilled, I will cut off my head in front of your media friend D.. C..
D..C… has questioned if the gold is not found, will Om baba severe his head? My answer is Yes. We are Raghuvanshi, Shobhan Sarkar is Raghuvanshi Shiromani, we believe in ‘Praan jaaye par vachan na jaaye’. We have got your remarks on Shobhan Sarkar ji, if you get the remarks of Mahant Nritya gopal Dasji, Laxmikant Vajpayee and Kanpaur BJP and Vishwan Hindu Parishad leaders’ remarks by 3 pm, pl do so.
You party has completed its governance under Atalji, but why didn’t your government bring back the black money from Swiss banks. Ram Sethu is an issue of faith with your party I want to say Lord Ram had himself asked Vibhishana before boarding the Pushpak vimana after Lanka victory, to destroy the Ram Sethu. You can verify this from Padma Purana. Pl ask your party spokesman particularly Sudhanshu Mittal to first Study and then raise issues of faith.
Today you are a votary of social media. Will you make people remember the times when Sam Pitroda was laying the foundation of computerisation in India by launching C-Dot project. At that time, your party led by a great personality like Atal Bihari Vajpayee was screaming across the streets that computerisation will put the nation into an unemployment trap. Do you have the courage to admit that your party’s stand at that time was wrong?
While raising Bofors bribes, your party raised questions about the efficacy of Bofors guns that could have affected the morale of our army. Why din’t your party’s government unravel the secrets behind Bofors bribes? Had Bofors guns not been there during the Kargil war, what would have been the nation’s position, can you please clarify?
Your party had been opposing the Tehri dam as a danger and a curse. After the Kedarnath tragedy, this dam proved to a protector and blessing. Had there been no Tehri dam, the plains would have been washed away and you would not have been able to address a rally in Kanpur.
One more question, Modiji: the amount of money being spent on branding you and your party, is the money white or in black? Will you please clarify?
You are being seen by the media as the next prime minister of this country. The common man and the Sant Samaj wants to know your views on some issues. I would like to invite you to a public debate on those issues. My entire property is a langoti(underwear), an achala and a mobile. I do not have any interest in politics, but the man in the street, who constitute nearly 50 per cent of the voters has questions and I would like to put those questions to you.
One more question, what are your views about the man who was the Army chief who had come into controversy because of his age. Also, please tell why Baba Ramdevji, after Anna Hazare’s agitation, withdrew from 80 acres of land illegally grabbed by Patanjali Yogpeeth?
Will you throw light what as prime minister you would do, if you get information about gold hidden inside the earth, because you feel the nation’s dignity is being mocked by the present excavation. There are many issues for debate. I would request you to give us time.
With regards,
Shri Shobhan Ashram, Shobhan Kanpur Dehat”

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