Treadmill: What Are Its Advantages

Mostly, many people at the gym have a long cardio session after a long night Saturday or Sunday.

Mostly, many people at the gym have a long cardio session after a long night Saturday or Sunday. Besides that, it is the ‘go-to-at’ machine in the gym that elongates strength and endurance and can be used for jogging and/or for interval training. For many it can be an option for jogging on the streets while some may consider it to be a ‘boring piece of machine’.  Whatever it may be, treadmill still continues to be the favourite amongst many in the gyms today. Increase stamina, reduce fats or check your endurance – treadmill has its fair share of advantages too. What are they? Let’s find out:

  • When you run on the streets or pathways, there might be a danger of a roadblock or potholes. This might deter your jog on the roads but not on the treadmill. The treadmill has a predictable surface which is much easier to negotiate than sidewalks, curbs or trails and the risk of tripping is reduced.
  • When you are on the treadmill, it covers all the aspects of a workout which is: speed, incline, warm up period, cool down period, and energy spend.
  • One may notice that in some treadmills in the gyms they have special features added to it like step counters and heart rate monitors.
  • This may surprise you but running on a treadmill generally burns calories faster than most other forms of in-home exercise.
  • High-end treadmills helps you multitask at once which is it lets you listen to music or watch TV/movies to help prevent boredom, which is especially good for long runs.
  • If one wants to increase the rate of the run, some treadmills can be increased or decreased. An incline run on your treadmill allows you to give a higher calorie burn which incorporates and shape more muscles.
  • The treadmill allows you the opportunity to run no matter the weather. The treadmill gives you no excuse to not get in your workout.
  • Another major advantage of treadmills is that it offers better shock absorption, resulting in less stress on your feet and knees, as compared to running on roads and concrete surfaces. The extra cushioning and smooth surface also allows for easier runs.

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