Exit Polls And Congress: Gandhi’s Dream To Be Realised Soon?

Maharashtra and Haryana are two states which know no leader other than Congress. But the mood swing that had started with Modi-wave is still going on.

Shortly after gaining independence, Mahatma Gandhi had said that he would like Congress to be disbanded as its work was over. But the Nehru parivaar and lack of any other party in the country saved it from being written off the history books post-independence.

After more than six decades, it seems that Gandhi’s wish will be granted by Bhartiya Janata Party. Or so exit polls show.

After being reduced to a number equivalent to the years spent on earth by its leader Rahul Gandhi, i.e. 44, in Lok Sabha elections, the part is struggling to keep its identity intact. Prime Minister Narendra modi has already snatched Mahatma from its hands declaring that Bapu is for everyone.

He had taken Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel long back and recently he took Lal Bahadur Shastri – a staunch supporter of Nehruvian socialism – in his own fold and then to public’s.

The Congress party has seen its loss at places where it had a stronghold. Maharashtra and Haryana are two states which know no leader other than Congress. But the mood swing that had started with Modi-wave is still going on.

Exit polls have predicted BJP’s win in both the states which were being ruled by Congress for over a decade. But, when Delhi can see a change after Shiela Dikshit’s 15 year stint, Maharashtra and Haryana can’t be called out of reach.

The ‘Policy paralysis’ that was set in UPA’s Manmohan Singh-proxy regime, infected all these states too. Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan’s own admission of leading a corrupt government will surely make a big dent in the already crash situation.

In addition to this, the Congress leadership has become weak and afraid of acting. Sonia Gandhi’s direct involvement in the National Herald case and its exposure in the media, dismissal of Rahul Gandhi as its leader by the party members, and the rising dissent within the part has hollowed the high command’s power bastion.

He mother-son combo is also very reluctant to lead after their Lok Sabha defeat. Unlike Modi, who despite the BJP’s losses in the by-polls in 13 states put his reputation at stake by turning the recent assembly polls as a battle between him and the rest, both Sonia and Rahul shied away from leading from the front.

After defeat in both these states, Congress will bear a severe impact which will complete its packing which started with Modi coming out in front and declaring a “Congress mukt Bharat” dream. The party has already lost its Leader of Opposition battle. After its lost in these two states, the domino effect will cost it other states as well which will go to elections in the near future.

BJP has proved that it is capable of making a dent where it wasn’t even present earlier. If the geographic presence of Congress continues to shrink, it will be reduced to a regional party like Left, BSP and others.

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