FTII Controversy: All You Want To Know About It


The Film and Television Institute of India has been starring in various newspapers and TV channels for quite some time now.

Students aren’t ready to study, neither are teachers to pull them back. Right from B-Town celebs to politicians, everyone wants to lend a hand on this matter and take it to newer heights.

The question is – what is FTII controversy and does it deserve such hype?

Where All It Started?

The controversy started as soon as Mr. Gajendra Chauhan, famously known for playing Yudhisthira’s character in ‘Mahabharata,’ was appointed as the Chairman of FTII governing council in July. His appointment was briskly criticized by former and current students of the institute as well as fellow actors.

What Students Have To Say?

Since his appointment, students have been continuously abandoning projects, boycotting classes and protesting, for they think that Mr. Chauhan’s candidature doesn’t match with the “vision and stature” to head FTII.

Opinion of Industry Veterans

As soon as the issue grabbed the attention of media houses and newspapers, many of B-Town veterans latched on this matter and supported students. According to Anupam Kher, Actor & Former Sensor Board Chief, FTII needs a much qualified person than Gajendra Chauhan Ji. He further added, “FTII isn’t an ordinary institute. It represents a certain form of art; hence, the person heading it should be someone who understands the cinema world thoroughly. It certainly needs a more qualified person than Mr. Chauhan to uphold its status and image in the industry.”

Students of FTII aren’t ready to step back to ensure that the institute that was guided by legends like Shyam Benegal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan and Saeed Mirza in the past, doesn’t lose its reputation.

Why The Issue Got Such Hype?

FTII is the highest ranked institute in India when it comes to studying films; hence, it certainly needs someone with experience, knowledge and leadership skills at the top. Except his role in Mahabharata long back in 1988, Gajendra Chauhan hasn’t given any noteworthy performance so far. For most of the time in his career, Mr. Chauhan has acted in B-Grade movies like Khuli Khidki. This shows that he doesn’t even come closer to those who have headed this reputed institute in the past. Chauhan isn’t known as a contemporary actor, neither does he have good roles in his resume.

According to a recent report, Gajendra Chauhan’s selection was made on the basis of his half-page resume, which is not acceptable in any condition.

Without any experience, skills, good image and a solid resume, how did Gajendra Chauhan manage to grab a position that many would die for? Well, the answer is faithfulness to the present governing party BJP. He may not have given any memorable performance on TV after Mahabharata, but he has been an avid supporter of BJP for last 20 years. Gajendra has done campaigns for BJP many a times.

Given that he has nothing that is required for Chairmanship of FTII, what else could have prompted NDA government to plunk him there? Well, students and public are capable of differentiating right from wrong. They can’t be fooled this time!

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