Jagan’s expectation from Modi: A secular BJP

He is doing the same thing the public does, which is looking at Modi in a completely different light from BJP. Modi grows beyond BJP. So much so that he is expected to reform BJP.

YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy is sitting on an indefinite fast to protest bifurcation of Telangana.

Expressing his concern over the matter, he has already spoken about the various issues which would arise due to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. Water insufficiency is one of the problems which will deepen due to this division.

But the other concern which he aired in an interview to a news channel was division of the country on communal lines. The MP from Kadapa made it clear that he is against the divisive policies employed by any party in the country – be it on territorial lines or communal lines.

Addressing his first press conference immediately after his bail he had said that he would take side of secular parties only. Hinting that he considered Congress to be on-secular he had avoided the question of alliance with UPA saying that there were other parties like JD(U) and CPI who were secular.

What was surprising at that press brief, which was repeated in Saturday’s interview again in his Modi-praising.

His admiration for BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi came in light just when he praised him for his administrative qualities. But his association with RSS and other communal factors is what concerns him.

“Since I appreciate Modi as an administrator, I want him to change this entire system and bring every party on to the secular platform in the interest of this country. Otherwise we will be creating insecurity in the minds and hearts of these people so much that we will be creating internal terrorism within the country, forget about fighting the enemies outside the borders,” he had said.

Unfailingly, Jagan made his point today too. “I want BJP to change. I want Modi to change BJP. I want BJP to become secular… We don’t want Muzaffarnagar, we want Mohabbatnagar,” Reddy reportedly said.

His statement may have triggered speculation of his future association with BJP if Modi becomes PM, but the noteworthy fact is that he considers BJP an equally communal party as Congress, if we look at his earlier comments.

He is doing the same thing the public does – looking at Modi in a completely different light from BJP. Modi grows beyond BJP. So much so that he is expected to reform BJP.

BJP’s association with Sangh Parivar, or latters chiding time and again to remind it that BJP is just a mask for the work it wants to carries out stops any kind of transformation from happening.

Modi is a victor when it comes to his administrative abilities and success which has already made Gujarat a shining example. Congress’ action (or inaction) of late is an ample proof of his stature which makes other fear him. There is no challenge to him when it comes down to leadership.

But his biggest challenge is to tame RSS and employ the policies that he would like for the development and betterment of his party and the nation afterwards.

The fact that Modi has been speaking his mind in the campaign siding RSS’ own agenda (toilet over temple remark as an example) gives us some kind of hope in this regard. It should be noted that he had his way in demolishing tens of temples in the state for construction of roads. The radical elements who tried to interfere in the administration of the state were shown their place. He also had the political skills to divide such elements so that they were not a political threat.

Modi becomes a winner when Jagan and Chandrababu Naidu, two opposites, praise him and show keenness in joining him just like others in the country. He will become a winner amongst public when his actions will reflect what Jagan expects from the leader – separation of communalism from BJP not only in words but in actions too.

In actual sense, he will become a leader then.

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