Career Options After B Com

Why we get educated? Why we tend to go for higher education? We study to attain better standards of living, respectable recognition in society, higher status and obviously being financially sound.

Why we get educated?

Why we always tend to go for higher education?

We study to attain better standards of living, respectable recognition in society, higher status and obviously being financially sound.

Commerce was always considered a prestigious stream as compared to arts. Now, you have reached the final year, awaiting your results, still wondering – what next?

So what would be my career options after B Com?

What should I choose as a career?

This is the plight that most youth face. But don’t worry we have just the solution for you.

Earning huge income has become the latest fad among the youth due to rise in the standard of living. But wait stop and think. Is money everything? If yes, what about your career? If you are a commerce graduate, if you are Bachelors of Commerce, don’t lose hope. There are plenty of vast career options available.

Here are a few career options we would like to suggest to make it easier to choose the right career.


Accountants are always in demand in a variety of sectors. Auditing, tax, corporate finance, etc will be your daily bread and butter. This opens the doors to part time working as an auditor, giving you the opportunity to visit top companies and also helps you to start up your own accountancy firm. Doesn’t this sound good?


As a commerce graduate, choosing a banking career would never let you go the wrong track. The banking sector is always on the rise not only in India but worldwide. To add to this, it also entitles you to, many benefits as a bank employee and a chance to become a bank manager. Interesting isn’t it?


Do you want to become the next Jordan Belfort and live a filthy rich lifestyle? Then stock markets are your best friends! To acquire a stable yet pocket filled career, you need to study the market and convince your clients in buying and selling stocks to ensure your income.


Apply for a job in an accounting firm. This would give you exposure to handle the accounting services of the public, private companies or the government. This wouldn’t require any rocket science but just a graduate degree in B.Com.


Taxation is an interesting, good and challenging sector to get your hands into assuring a good future. You could start off by working in a company. Later you can broaden your horizons and work from home as a taxation consultant or open up your own company and help people pay their taxes.

All the above career option requires a simple B.Com graduate degree and a person who is willing to learn and reach to the epitome of success. If you want to climb the ladder and success being your key mantra, a little more studies would help you acquire higher positioned jobs.

Here are a few advanced career options post B.Com to enhance your career and better the future.


If accounts are your forte, CA is the career choice for you! On completion of the three year CA course, you would have an option to choose among vast career options and an ideal career.


If not a CA, yet want a career related to commerce, the embrace CS with open arms! Since you are a commerce graduate, you are the master of the first two stages. A CS plays an important role in the company affairs – handling legal matters, providing solutions to the board and he is answerable to the share holders.


This three stage course has exams held every twice a year – one in June and the other in December. Recognition from the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, the CMA is involved in the company’s pricing, costing of products, preparation of various statements, etc.


This is the most favored course of now-a-days youngsters – a 2 year course available at Mumbai University as well as other private institutions. The course is related to financial investments.

With so many career options to choose from, it’s time to sit back and think on that ONE career that is of your interest.

The whole world is running on money. Managing finance is so lucrative that it will help you be financially sound.

We wish you luck and success!

Do comment below and tell us which of the above career option you liked the most.

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