These Fun Facts About Pakistan Army Raise Our Spirits UP

Fun Facts About Pakistan Army. Here are some #PakFacts which belittle Pakistan army and fill us with pride and raise our spirits up.

For the first time on Thursday, India retaliated at the international border to Pakistan’s shelling.

Pakistan, after its innumerous ceasefire violations, had fired on Indian posts and civilian areas on October 2 following Pakistan’s loss to India at Asiad Hockey final. However, the Border Security Force in India had chosen not to retaliate atthat time.

Due to unprovoked Pakistan attack on civilian areas, more than 20 people have died and nearly 30,000 people left their homes and flee from the border areas.

Defence minister Arun Jaitley had lambasted Pakistan on its “adventurism” and had warned the neighbour of “unaffordable costs” for its daredevilry on Tuesday.

The Pakistani army has not evacuated its citizens from the Pakistani side of the international border. They fire from civilian areas and then go into hiding using the citizens as human shields.

The Indian retaliation may harm the civilians at Pakistani side but BSF has no other option. According to a report in the Economic Times, BSF director-general DK Pathak said that India was not doing so deliberately.

Meanwhile, twitter took the task of keeping our morals high. Here are some #PakFacts which belittle Pakistan army and fill us with pride:












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