Front Exit To Back Door Entrants: Resignation of UPA Installed Governors Not Enough

Breaking the tradition the right way should be putting the welfare of the country first by prosecuting and sending the lot to jail for their wrongdoings.

Change of guard at Governor houses in states is generally what is expected after a change in the central rule.

After the election of Narendra Modi, it was speculated as usual that the new government will show the exit door to the Governors installed by UPAI and II. Not only it was a demand coming from the side of supporters of the BJP, it was also something to be followed naturally as the tradition has set. But the right words were not coming in to confirm this news.

Today, Home Minister Rajnath Singh confirmed that Uttar Pradesh Governor Banwari Lal Joshi has resigned. This has given more strength to the rumours that six more Governors, which include former Delhi Chief Minister and Kerala Governor Shiela Dikshit and Gujarat Governor Kamala Prasad Beniwal, will follow the suit and resign in the coming week.

The Economic Times quoted its sources in the government saying that Joshi had resigned 3-4 days ago. According to the Times of India, it is an effect of a call made by Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami to the Governors advising their resignation.

Till the evening, reports were rife that Karnataka Governor HR Bhardawaj and Assam’s JB Patnaik have also quit. Later ANI reported that both met the president but none of them has resigned.



Rajasthan Governor Margaret Alva too met with the President after having a brief meeting with the Prime Minister this morning. West Bengal governor MK Narayanan is also reported as ‘likely’ to quit tomorrow. Similarly, The Nagaland Governor and former CBI Director Ashwani Kumar is also expected to resign soon.

Meanwhile, Dikshit reacted to the reports of her ‘likely’ resignation and said that she “cant react to rumours”. Later India Today reported that she will not resign from her post due to a phone call from MHA secretary as there needs to be a reasoned order from the MHA for her removal. She apparently cited a Supreme Court order of 2010 which states that the “change in government at the Centre is not a ground for removal of governors holding office to make way for others favoured by the new government”.

The voice among BJP leaders for the resignation of UPA appointees has also gained strength. After informing the media of Joshi’s resignation, the home minister is reported to have said on the position of other six Governors that had he been in their place, he would have stepped down.

It was echoed by BJP MP Rajiv Pratap Rudy too who told ANI:


Team Anna member and a recent BJP and Modi supporter Kiran Bedi too quipped on twitter:

It should be noted that Joshi was installed by UPAI and his term had ended in July 2013 itself. But the UPAII did not take any decision on the matter and he continued on his post. He was granted a second term by the UPAII on the eve of the announcement of the Lok Sabha election on March 5, 2014. The Newsminute says that “Joshi was a Personal Security Officer (PSO) in the Gandhi household beginning with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the gubernatorial position was widely seen as a thank you post”.

Joshi’s term was ending next month. The other Governors mentioned above, except Dikshit and Kumar, have few months of tenure left. Margaret Alva’s tenure ends this August while MK Narayanan’s tenure ends next year in January. According to India TV reports, “while the government is keen on asserting its prerogative to select Governors, it is inclined to spare those who have just a few months left before their term expires”.

Interestingly, many of these UPA installed Governors are currently enjoying immunity from one or the other cases of corruption. While the Governor of Goa and West Bengal – B.V. Wanchoo and M.K. Narayanan, respectively – are needed to be questioned on AgustaWestland chopper deal case, Dikshit enjoys immunity from Commonwealth Games scam interrogation.

On the other hand, Bhardwaj, as Wikipedia puts it, “A media shy minister, the old Gandhi family loyalist handled the most sensitive and controversial cases in the Manmohan Singh cabinet between 2004 and 2009. From Bofors to office of profit and the failed attempt to remove Navin Chawla as election commissioner, were all deftly handled by the Congress veteran to the satisfaction of the Prime Minister and party leadership.”

It will simply not be enough to seek the resignations of these Governors. Breaking the tradition the right way should be putting the welfare of the country first by prosecuting and sending the lot to jail for their wrongdoings.

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