This Promise day, Make These Promises to Yourself and Never Break

Promise day

Promise day – Valentine’s day is just round the corner and the series of precursory celebrations have already started. To name a few, Propose day, Teddy day, hug day, rose day and here the promise day has just dawned upon us. In this inception, we would like to remind you of a fact the self-love is essential when you want to keep others happy so whilst you promise a universe to your loved one, make some promises to yourself too. These promises are, however not meant to be broken.

So, on the Promise day, these are the promises you need to make to yourself for the overall physical and mental well-being:

Promise day promises :-

1. I will not hold on to the past:

Your life must be a rosary of mistakes, setbacks, regrets, learnings, emotional upheavals and everything but you should not think why it happened to you, rather what you have learnt from it. It’s completely okay to miss someone who you don’t want in your life, or may be there are wrong decisions you have taken, but you should remain firm on your decision and move on because a lot of possibilities are waiting at the end of the tunnel.

2. I will not deny the responsibilities I have towards myself:

Blaming others, like your parents, your teachers, marital family for your predicament is easy but think what you have done for yourself? Ignoring your priorities, that is to say, the things that grow you will only make you a parasite emotionally. So, set yourself as your priority, rest will fall in place.

3. I will be kind to myself:

We always rake our brains over something that won’t even stay with us in the long haul. Every moment is precious and when your heart denies something, don’t pester yourself to do it. Move over and do something better. Be a better version of yourself. Spreading love doesn’t mean giving others immunity to hurt you.

4. I will not walk in other’s shoes:

Living life in someone else’s terms is not how you should live. Afterall, your definition of happiness can differ from others. Some people will not approve of it, but take the criticisms in your stride as long as you know you are in the right lines. A lion doesn’t concern itself from the opinion of the sheep.

5. I will not any situation violate my peace of mind:

Peace of mind is the inner-breath of your existence. We are often faced with some situations, for instance a brawl in the office, a toxic relationship, a loud exchange of words with strangers on the street, violate our peace of mind. If you think too much about it, you will end up losing your peace of mind. Don’t hold on to the anger, learn to forget. It is for yourself.

6. I will realize my own power:

There is a hero within all of us, Maria Carey seemed to speak the inevitable truth. The only wait is until you realize it. You can make a change, in your life or the society, either way; you will grow as a person. So, don’t be afraid of change and administer all your inner courage to bring it.

7. I will leave my comfort zone:

One needs to push the envelope for breaking bigger grounds, snuggling up in the comfort zone will limit you in a tight loop of disappointments and regrets.

These are the promises you totally need to make to yourself this Promise day and vow not to break them ever in your life. There will be smooth sailing, if you will for it.


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