Black ink on Kejriwal: BJP’s face palm or AAP’s conspiracy

A man claiming to be a BJP worker throws black ink on Kejriwal at his press conference. Congress calls it conspiracy to gain publicity.

The Aam Aadmi Party is constantly in the news because of one controversy or the other. Barely a few days after the party was dragged by the media for MTV presenter Rajiv Laxman cursing home minister in the presence of its RK Puram candidate Shazia Ilmi, it was forced to brief the media regarding its fresh fall with its mentor Anna Hazare.

While AAP was holding a press conference at the Constitution Club of India in the national capital where it was about to make public Hazare’ letter to the party chief Kejriwal, a man crashed the conference and threw black ink on Kejriwal.

Party leader Prashant Bhushan and Manish Sisodia were also present at the conference.

The man identified himself as Nachiketa Mavlekar, and called himself an Anna supporter. He created a ruckus at the packed press conference and was then bundled away by Aam Admi Party (AAP) activists.

He alleged that Kejriwal had misused Anna Hazare’s name. “I have done this this to protest that these people have betrayed Anna and they have betrayed the Jan Lokpal andolan. Anna has asked then to not use his name, still these people are using Anna’s name. I am a BJP worker,” he said after throwing the ink.

He was detained and taken to the Parliament Street police station.

The BJP did not take the responsibility of the incidence saying that the party does not endorse such kind of action. The party also hinted at AAP conspiring to gain publicity.

The Congress party too alleged the same.

Meanwhile, AAP leaders accused the BJP and Congress of tying hands in order to disrupt party’s work. They claimed that both the parties were feeling threatened due to its rise and thus were doing so in desperation.

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