8 Dead Celebrities Who Are Still Earning More Money Than Alive People!

Michael Jackson

Well, we all know that the best part of being a celebrity is that you earn loads of money, right?

But, do we know that celebrities earn even after they are dead?

Yes this is true, whether it’s through re-released music albums, memorabilia or branding, there are plenty of celebs who are still making a lot more money than many alive people, even though they are dead for long. Shocking?

Don’t be shocked, here are 8 most famous dead celebrities who are still earning even after years of their death. Read On:

  1. Michael Jackson – Made $115 Million In 2015

MJ may have died over six years ago but his legacy and his music still lives on. The King of Pop made $115 million, through various sources. Cirque du Soleil in Vegas showcasing “Michael Jackson One” is one of the source’s of Michael Jackson’s cash flow but the Mijac Music catalogue and music sales also contribute. His family sure is a lucky one.


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