AAP’s Assault On Humanity: Absurd Video As Proof, Nonsense Statements To Defend Guilty

AAP releases videos claiming their innocence, just that these videos prove nothing of that sorts. Has Kejriwal and his party’s downhill has begun?

‘Condoms and Liquid spilled in Private’, ‘Naked in front of Police’, ‘One Girl Caught’ and ‘trying to Hide Drugs’ are the titles of four videos released by the Aam Aadmi Party in order to defend chief minister Arvind Kejriwal government’s law minister Somnath Bharti’s raid.

The AAP has uploaded series of documents and videos claiming that the African women were not assaulted by Bharti and that they were right in conducting a raid in the Khirkee extension of South Delhi.

Let us tell you at the outset that these videos seem nothing but a series of absurd clips which justify and substantiate actually nothing. These video clips with disturbing titles give you a peek at some African nationals’ face but actually prove nothing as claimed.

For example, the first video ‘Condoms and Liquid Spilled in Private’ displays a car which has a stash of condoms – some opened some unopened – on the dashboard of the car and a bottle of water on the floor of it. Now what is AAP trying to prove? It can be anybody’s car. Hello! The government spends crores on advertisements of safe sex!

The second video, ‘Naked in front of Police’, is a horrific one where a naked African man is running on the road being chased by a police man after a heated argument. It all happens in broad day light and yet does not prove whether the man was pedaling drug or was a part of a prostitution racket.

Moving onto the third video, titled ‘One girl caught’, the video footage shows the police chasing an African woman at night. The audio is not there and the video again fails to prove that the woman was involved in something illegal.

The fourth video is just the height of this gradual absurdity being fed in the name of proof of innocence of Bharti. In this video where African men are allegedly ‘Trying to hide drugs’ a car is shown with people inside who the police is trying to get out. With no sign of drugs and sound of media crew in the background the video ends abruptly.

This absurdity of AAP doesn’t end here. It even culminates into absolute sexism and racism as they also reveal the name and address of the African woman who they claim are involved in illegal activities. As far as the two Ugandan women are concerned, who were assaulted by Bharti, they are standing by their statement.

After uploading this video, AAP was feeling quite confident until Bharti opened his big mouth again. When media started asking tough questions from Bharti regarding his stand and the videos, he snapped at the reporters saying they were being funded by the BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi.

Earlier on Friday, he had refused to be present at the Delhi Commission of Women office even after being summoned and had sent his lawyer instead. The lawyer apparently got into a heated exchange with the office bearers there and DCW chief Barkha Singh reportedly told media that she will “complain to the Lieutenant Governor” regarding the matter. Later Bharti said that Singh was politically motivated.

It is totally unacceptable to reveal the name of women – victim or not – on the website. Also, putting up sensational videos with no substance will only pull AAP’s position down.

What is absolutely clear from these videos though is that they are clearly misusing power and brazenly defending misdeeds. They reek of racism and the fact that Kejriwal is apologising more in front of media than ever is another proof of their wrongdoing.

The downhill has begun.

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