Madness Has No Method! Madness Is THE METHOD To Life And Successes!


Ever defined MADNESS?

Well, it’s difficult to define. Simply because it’s mad, It’s crazy, unchained, and unrelenting.

Now try and put these traits in a person who strives for a life that HE REALLY WANTS! What did you get?

Apparently, we all are clear on a lot of things in life. We are clear on what we love to do, what profession we wish to choose and who we want to be with. But every day, some stuff or the other pops up, that makes us forget all of that and we end up in the same rabbit hole of living a life that the world around us, wants us to live.

We are conditioned, ever since our infancy, to be conventional and do what gets an easy approval of the society, and not what gets a approval of self-contentment!

This happens not because we care deeply for other people, but simply because we do not have the audacity to take the path which defines our real selves! And which, if we do, is reckoned as utter MADNESS!

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with being conventional, the problem is this: little fragments of those mundane day courses, business routines, profits, losses, people pleasing and lamentations seem to make their way directly into our consciousness, and live themselves out in our identities. We become commodities! Breathing to exist!

We choose to give up on our madness just to be sane enough to the world, so we are accepted. Simply because we are not able to put a predefined method to it, so the madness gets accepted too. Little do we know, that madness has no method. It cannot have! It is THE METHOD to life, to each and every success of life. And we all are well armed with our own individual madnesses!

What do I mean by this?

To understand, ask yourself a few questions here.

Do you want a 6-7 figure business? Or a big house? Or do you want multiple thousands of followers on social media? Or do you want to be ‘people’s famous’? Or do you want to be the best, the first, the loudest? The one who ROCKS it the most? Or do you really want to write that book? Start that podcast? Be a guest speaker? Get published in Huff Post? Joint ventures? Or do you want to be the one they all talk about?


Do you want to be mad enough to become anything and everything that makes you LIVE A LIFE the way you want it, in every moment as it comes. And let the rest follow, in its own course! This is what you want, right?


Maybe not.

But what I do know is this: what we think we want from our lives is not always what we really need. Unless we let our madness decide for us.

A few days back, I was talking to a friend about my business – someone I respect greatly. I was telling him that I’ve hit a bit of a glass ceiling. He responded to my bewail by saying, “You have a super brand here. You may not want to build a million dollar company, but you already have the foundation for it”. At that time, I had thought – is he crazy?? Who WOULDN’T want a million dollar company??


There was a little voice inside saying – well, me, I wouldn’t! I ignored it first, but I couldn’t quite shake it. That little voice was my madness! Because my madness exactly knows what I REALLY want!

I sure want a business, but what makes me want to get up in the morning and give every ounce I have!

I want a business that nourishes me and others involved with it.

I want a business that makes me feel alive –  and doesn’t suck every inch of energy that I have, no matter how much moolah it gives me!

I want a business that allows me the time and vivacity to enjoy my family, to watch my daughters grow up, to spend time appreciating my home. To feel my madness wandering inside the rooms of the dwelling I built so passionately.

I want a business that allows me to say insane things to my colleagues and friends and laugh crazy with them, without hurting any interests. Because my madness wouldn’t know how to be a pretentious sane!

And I want all of it because I have a pounding madness to LIVE! And I know it, I acknowledge it!

So…let me ask YOU.

What do YOU want? Truly? Really? HONESTLY?

Because if we all got a little more honest with ourselves (I am including myself), we might find that the cake is a whole lot closer to hand than what we think…and that we have the ability to enjoy every single little divine bite of mouthful eating.

While I talk about the madness to living a life, it’s absolutely not that I am saying, that the same madness cannot be put together for pronouncing the successes in professional domains! More often than not, it is with a touch of that same pulsation madness, that geniuses surface! Only if you want the success to be yours, passionately, madly!

Find your own madness, and let it be the voice for you!

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